One whole song from Mercy Falls + 2 other samples!

You guys are definately a very giving band. This will not be forgotten! :)

*more psyched as fuck than ever*

:kickass: :kickass: :kickass: :kickass:
Very impressive. Welcome to Mercy Falls appears to be a really good indication of the new things that SW are bringing to the album. More aggressive riffs, different vocal melodies and layering, as well as some seriously prominent drums (great work Johnny!). I could even hear some minor A.C.T and DT influences in there (whether that's true or not is subjective i suspect). I just hope that Andreas gets some more of the spotlight on the album. Some of the bass lines in WitW are incredible, and i think a large part of what makes SW different to all the other prog bands is their emphasis on the bass.

I won't comment too much on the other two samples, although both were very enjoyable and left me wanting more.

I don't know what else to say, other than i'm certainly not dissapointed in what i've heard so far, and i think there is some real potential here for a fantastic album. Can't wait to hear the rest guys!
I'm really impressed.
It's got SW written all over it but still it breathes freshness........(and not only because it is new material). There definately are some new directions in the songwriting/influences etc.
'Welcome...' is indeed a stunning song.
I have to restrain myself to not listen to this song all the time.......

AWESOME job, guys!
I've passed 30 plays on Welcome to Mercy Falls and i simply can't get enough of it. If that song and the samples are representative for the rest of the album, we're talking album of the year...easily:worship:
Thanks for these samples. A whole song, that's really nice ! :worship:
I've listened to the three pieces a couple of times.
"Welcome to Mercy Falls" sounds very good, quite complex in the end, although it's just a bit over 5 minutes. I enjoy the instrumental part very much, and the occasional symphonic aspect is quite nice. That's what I'd like WS to enhance on their albums.

I still think Tommy Karevik doesn't need so much reverb to his voice. I really enjoy his voice very much, a bit less if he "roars".

There's a very catchy vocal part in the sample of "Paradise", and I love the soft intro of "Unbreakable". It's nice that Kyrt uses some piano sounds, that is not so often in prog metal. I love piano, asking for a real grand piano is too much yet, I know. The orchestral synth arrangement is nice too.
When I think it's only 128 kbps mp3 samples... I'm sure the sound will be great on the actual CD.
All this makes me eager to get the actual album in my hands... Not before September, I guess, though ? sigh...
Cheers - Marc
Tommy's screams are pretty epic (I forgot to say sooner) too! Must be from all of that "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT BURNING BUILDING!!!!" :D :D :kickass:
Really liked "welcome to mercy falls". This has all the potentiall to be even better WItW
I feel the same way about it. I have high hopes but even if this album somehow doesn't surpass, or meet, it'll still fucking own. :)