Metal News: 17-05-2003


Iron In The Soul
Apr 1, 2002
DARK MOOR announce New members

The Spanish power metal Dark Moor have announced officialy the new members of the band.
The band have chosen Alfred Romero as their new singer. Alfred Romero has born in Cadiz and have been singing in several bands in Alicante, were he lives.
Here it is an interview with the new singer:

1) Which was your first contact with music? And with Heavy Metal?

My very first contact with music was with heavy metal actually. I still do not know how, at home we had a vinyl disk, a compilation of metal songs from 1981/1982, with bands like Motörhead, Krokus, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Uriah Heep, etc. When I was 8 years old I noticed the cover was so cool! And also I liked a lot the cover of the ABOMINOG album, of Uriah Heep, with that ugly demon on it. When my brother put it in the record player and GO TO Hell's riff started to play, I was so fascinated...

2) Before singing you used to play in some other bands, what kind of instruments and in which bands? Tell us briefly about your career.

Fuck sake, are you sure? Ok, I started playing guitar and making secondary voice when I was 14 or 15 in a band called Brasilia, in Chiclana, my home town. We used to play a kind of hard rock and was pretty cool. After that I moved to Torrevieja and I bought myself a drumset to play in ARKADIA, with this band I played my first two concerts, and they were played in our high school. We used to play rock, but sometimes too soft.
Later on, life brought me to other some more heavier courses, and SUOVETAURILIA was formed. In this band we used to play covers from PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA, and that kind of stuff.
Then I had been in several no-named bands in Ireland, playing guitar and drums, but when I came back to Spain I fell right into SCHEHEREZADE, where I started acting as lead singer. What a great band. Authentic virtuous progressive metal. Parallelary to this band, I got into INNER SELF, playing bass and singing. This was a trio of heavy-rock, with very good songs. What a shame those two last got separated.

3) What made you test your voice?

Discovery of my voice was my friend "potato" and his girlfriend Elena's fault, because we always went out in his car, and he used to play AVANTASIA'S cd or IMAGES AND WORDS by DT and liked to hear me singing meanwhile the cd was playing.

4) Describe what is the music for you.

My life.

5) What do you expect to reach in music and into your career as Dark Moor's singer?

Firstable, I hope not to disappoint the fans, I know it is gonna be difficult because Elisa left it really hard, I want people to understand I am not here to replace Eli, but to start a new stage with the band, that I hope to be long and successful.

6) In the short time you are into the band, what has surprised you and what does its way of working and thinking suggest? Do you think you fit into it?

I has surprised me a lot Anan's and Enrik's way of thinking about music and about what they want from themselves and their mates, and I like they have things so clear. I really thing I am gonna fit very well because we agree in everything. We all know very well what we want.

7) What do you think you can contribute with to the band?

I hope to contribute with great moments for the fans, I want them to enjoy with our music, in every single song, in every album, and I want them to give everything in every concert, as we are going to do as well.

8) How would you define yourself as singer? And as a person?

I think I am not the right person to judge me as a singer, I prefer people to hear me, so they can judge by themselves. As a person, I thing I am a regular guy, with my habits like everyone else, but I consider myself a very frank person. I really like to meet people.

9) Describe you way of working, your habits and your tricks, what is your secret to sing better? And the keys any singer should follow to take care of his voice?

Haha, think the trick is to sing every day and warm up very well before, and just take care of your throat not smoking and minding the cold!

10) What do you think about the actual situation of the music in Spain? And in the world?

Thank God in Spain there are bands like Dark Moor which are fucking good. There is a lot of talent in this country actually, but to be honest, I do prefer music in English. World-wide actual situation is very good, because despite every time there are more bands which mix up styles (and spoil them), there are still bands which play heavy metal like it was created in the beginning, and it is still bringing a lot of fans.

11) What are the secrets to survive in this atmosphere?


12) What virtues and defects can you find in the actual music of our country?

I would not know what concrete virtue to say, I just know that we have very good and talented musicians. And about defects, maybe there is too commercialism in between.

13) What do you think about some styles which freak masses?

Music is poisoned, very few people think about it as an art. It is disgusting some use it to attract young people (and some not that young) who do not have their personality developed, and manipulate them to go in fashion!

14) What do you think about the actual international policy?

I prefer not to think about it, because so many times saying same things, it ends loosing meaning.

15) In which way do you think it can affect to our way of life?

Most of us really do not get affected, we will keep going to work every day, and living our life, maybe a bit more angry. But real affected of this situation, well, I think we all know who they are...

Ok buddies, hope we all enjoy this new stage of DARK MOOR. Soon next album will be released.


The band have also officialy announced the addition of their second guitarrist called Jose Garrido.

More news on this soon. Stay tuned.

Marty Friedman's "Music For Speeding"

Favored Nations is running an exclusive listening party for Marty Friedman's "Music For Speeding" from May 13th until May 27th. The record hits stores on May 20th, but this gives you the chance to check out what the grammy-award winning former Megadeth axeman before it hits stores. You can access the listening party here:

IRON MAIDEN- 'Visions of the Beast' DVD

Iron Maiden offer up 'Visions of the Beast' DVD on July 15th, via Sanctuary Records Group/Columbia Records!

'Give Me 'Ed... Til I'm Dead' Tour with Motörhead and Dio launches July 21st!

New album readied for the Fall

For over 20 years, Iron Maiden have been at the forefront of metal, clocking up over 50 million album sales and legions of adoring fans worldwide.

For the first time ever, they have compiled every one of their promotional videos into an awesome two-DVD set which runs from 1980's 'Women In Uniform' through to the band's now legendary headlining slot in front of 250,000 fans at 2001's Rock In Rio performing 'Brave New World.'

With a running time in excess of three hours, 'Visions Of The Beast' is the definitive chronicle of Iron Maiden through the years and includes many videos that were previously unavailable. Not only is every video the band has ever made included - 31 in total - but each DVD features never-before-seen Camp Chaos animated versions of six classic tracks, interactive menus and discographies, and some special hidden extras.

The tracklisting for 'Visions Of The Beast' includes:

Women In Uniform
Wrathchild (live at the Rainbow)
Run To The Hills
The Number Of The Beast
Flight Of Icarus
The Trooper (promo version)
2 Minutes To Midnight
Aces High
Wasted Years
Stranger In A Strange Land
Can I Play With Madness
The Evil That Men Do
The Clairvoyant (Donington '88)
Infinite Dreams (LIVE)
Holy Smoke

Aces High (Camp Chaos version)
The Number Of The Beast (Camp Chaos version)
Futureal (Football version)
Fear Of The Dark (Rock In Rio) Clip or Full version with 5.1 Sound

Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
Be Quick Or Be Dead
>From Here To Eternity
Wasting Love
Fear Of The Dark (Donington 92)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Donington 92)
Man On The Edge
Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Lord Of The Flies
The Angel And The Gambler
The Wicker Man
Out Of The Silent Planet
Brave New World (Rock in Rio 2001)

The Wicker Man (Camp Chaos version)
Flight Of Icarus (Camp Chaos version)
Run To The Hills (Camp Chaos version)

'Visions Of The Beast' is every metal fan's dream, and serves as a timely reminder of just how important Iron Maiden are in the history of rock music. It is also the most concise and entertaining collection of their defining moments ever released - and a damn fine way to get psyched for their incredible new album, due in the Fall.

The DVD is being released in conjunction with their upcoming globe-trotting marathon - the 'Give Me 'Ed... Til I'm Dead' World Tour. Of the trek, lead singer Bruce Dickinson states, "This tour is all about having fun as the name suggests. We love summer and we love playing big shows. We are going to be playing a lot of our favorite Maiden songs and many people know we've got a new album in the pipeline for later this year so perhaps we'll be playing a new song or two, but basically it will be full on Maiden! The band is firing on all cylinders and the show will be as spectacular as always."

Iron Maiden Tour dates:

7/21/03 Worcester, MA Centrum Centre
7/22/03 Hartford, CT Meadows Music Theater
7/23/03 Philadelphia, PA Tweeter Centre at the Waterfront
7/25/03 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
7/26/03 Wantagh, NY Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach
7/29/03 Washington, DC Merriweather Post Pavilion
7/30/03 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
8/1/03 Quebec City, QC, Can. Colisee de Quebec
8/2/03 Montreal, QC, Can. Bell Centre
8/3/03 Toronto, ON, Can. Molson Amphitheatre
8/5/03 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Centre
8/6/03 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Centre
8/8/03 Pittsburgh, PA Post Gazette Pavilion
8/9/03 Columbus, OH Polaris Amp./ Germain
8/10/03 Chicago, IL Tweeter Center
8/13/03 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Centre
8/15/03 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amp.
8/16/03 Houston, TX Woodlands Pavilion
8/18/03 El Paso, TX U.T.E.P.
8/20/03 Denver, CO Fiddler's Green
8/21/03 Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
8/22/03 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
8/24/03 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
8/25/03 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena
8/26/03 San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena
8/28/03 San Jose, CA Shoreline Amphitheater
8/29/03 Concord, CA Chronicle Pavilion
8/30/03 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Pavilion

ROB ROCK: 'Eyes Of Eternity' album delayed

Former IMPELLITTERI frontman Rob Rock has pushed back the projected release date for his second solo album, "Eyes Of Eternity", to June 23 through Germany's Massacre Records. The CD will receive a Japanese release on July 21 through JVC/Victor Entertainment.

The CD, which was produced, arranged, and mixed by Roy Z. (HALFORD, BRUCE DICKINSON, HELLOWEEN), will contain the following cuts:

01. Bridge to Infinity*
02. Rock the Earth
03. Conquerors Hymn
04. Stranglehold
05. Fields of Fire
06. You Know
07. Eyes of Eternity
08. The Everlasting
09. Rage of Creation
10. The Hour of Dawn
11. Children of the Wasteland*

*Japan Bonus Tracks

All songs on the album were written by Rob Rock and Roy Z. Guest appearances on the epic 12-minute song "The Hour of Dawn" include classic guitar solos from Roy Z., Gus G. (DREAM EVIL, FIREWIND), Tom Naumann (PRIMAL FEAR), Carl Johan Grimmark (NARNIA), Rick Renstrom, Jeff Kollman (GLENN HUGHES), Jack Frost (SEVEN WITCHES, ex-SAVATAGE), Howie Simon (TAMPLIN, JEFF SCOTT SOTO), Jimi Bell (WAYNE), and Axel Rudi Pell. "The Hour of Dawn" also includes keyboard solos from Mistheria and Alex Argento. "Rock The Earth" includes additional backing vocals by Sean Peck (CAGE).

Rob Rock's RAGE OF CREATION BAND will soon begin rehearsals for the new "Eyes of Eternity" tour. Warm-up shows are expected in the Orlando Florida area before the band goes to Balingen Germany for the Bang Your Head festival.

U.D.O.: Live album details unveiled

U.D.O., the German band fronted by former ACCEPT singer Udo Dirkschneider, have set "Nailed To Metal" as the title for their upcoming DVD, due in Europe on August 25. The forthcoming DVD will come in a special package containing a bonus live CD, titled "Metal Mayhem - The Missing Tracks".

The complete track listing for "Metal Mayhem - The Missing Tracks" is as follows:

01. Holy
02. Raiders Of Beyond
03. Metal Heart (ACCEPT)
04. X T C (ACCEPT)
05. Drum Solo
06. Fast As A Shark (ACCEPT)
07. Princess Of The Dawn (ACCEPT)
08. Restless & Wild (ACCEPT)
09. Thunder In The Tower
10. Hard Attack (ACCEPT)
11. Balls To The Wall (ACCEPT)
12. Metal Gods (JUDAS PRIEST)

U.D.O.'s new studio album is tentatively set for an October/November release and will be supported by a world tour, which will kick off in South America and the U.S. A European tour will begin in January 2004. U.D.O. will appear at this summer's Bang Your Head (Germany) and Gods Of Metal (Italy) festivals.

PHILIP ANSELMO: Done with Pantera

Vocalist Phil Anselmo says that he is done with PANTERA and he intends to focus all his time and energy on SUPERJOINT RITUAL. "There was a lot of business with Warner Bros. and this and that DOWN and PANTERA and this and that, and etc. etc." Anselmo was quoted as saying by "Whatever. Pretty much what I'm doing here is I'm sticking with SUPERJOINT, and I'm not doing fuckin' anything else. This is where I'm most comfortable and this it the type of music that I wanna do, you know?"

Anselmo says that he is proud of what PANTERA achieved and is also proud that they pulled the plug rather than faded away. "If you think about it, PANTERA never went away until we personally said, 'Fuck it'."

Asked if he sees patching up differences and rejoining DOWN or PANTERA, Anselmo said, "Never say never... [but] not right now."

SUPERJOINT RITUAL's sophomore album, "A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred", is due on July 22 through Sanctuary Records.

AGENT STEEL: New album out on June 9th

"Greetings Metalheads! The official release date of the new record “order of the illuminati” is now etched in stone for June 9, 2003 for the European territory through Scarlet Records and in Japan through King Records! We will have the CD available through our website for $13 this includes shipping; the U.S. release is set for July 8, 2003 through our label AOS in conjuction with Artillery Music. On the live front, We are anticipating more live dates to be announced for “The Bonded by Metal Over Europe 2003” tour starting in October (check the Encounters section of the site for updates). We are also planning some selective West Coast shows in the coming months. At present, we are starting the promotional campaign of the new release, and also plans to release an U.S. single with bonus live tracks are in the works. The new CD is controversial and contains thoughtful subject matter, memorable riffs, layered guitar harmonies and out of this world vocals combine for an hour long sonic metal battering that will leave the listener gasping for air and nursing their wounds. As always, AGENT STEEL trample where others fear to tread, disregarding convention, utterly assaulting the listener with metal and message too powerful for the meek and too sincere to be anything but ABSOLUTE METAL."


Here's the "Order of the illuminati" tracklist:
8. DANCE OF ST. VITUS (bass solo)
10. KONTROL (instrumental)
11. HUMAN BULLET BRAINWASHED* (Japan bonus track only)

16.10. D MUNSTER(breitefeld) - LIVE ARENA
21.10. CH PRATTELN - Z7
25.10. Spain MADRID - AQUALUNG
26.10. Portugal PORTO - HARD CLUB
more dates to be announced!

Tribute to IRON MAIDEN Vol. 2 out in July

A Tribute To The Beast Vol. 2

A lot of young – and not so young – bands name Iron Maiden as their biggest influence. It is a great pleasure for them to be part on this amazing Tribute To Iron Maiden. You find all their biggest hits played by their biggest fans.

CD 1:
01. Destruction - Killers
02. Sentenced - The Trooper
03. Primal Fear - 2 Minutes To Midnight
04. Thunderstone - Wasted Years
05. Stuck Mojo feat. Devin Townsend - Wrathchild
06. Anthrax - Remember Tomorrow
07. Sadus - Invaders
08. Tankard - Iron Maiden
09. Necrophobic - Moonchild
10. Mägo De Oz - Strange World
11. Wolf - Deja Vu
12. Mystic Prophecy - Sanctuary
13. Graveworm - Fear Of The Dark
14. Therion - Revelation (live)
15. Iced Earth - Hallowed Be Thy Name

CD 2:
01. Sebastian Bach - Children Of Damned
02. John West & Chris Caffery - Run To The Hills
03. Cosmosquad feat. Ray Alder - Murders In The Rue Morgue
04. Ian Perry & Kamelot - Flight Of Icarus
05. Solace - Another Life
06. Eleventh Hour - Alexander The Great
07. Wardog - Purgatory
08. Iron Savior - Running Free


DIO Finalize tracklist for 'Evil Or Divine' DVD

DIO have finalized the track listing for their upcoming first-ever live DVD, "Evil Or Divine", due on July 1 through Eagle Vision (a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment). "Evil Or Divine", which was recorded on Dec. 13, 2002 at Roseland Ballroom in New York City and was directed by Ken Botelho for Century Productions, not only includes the full, unedited concert from that evening, but also contains an extensive interview with Ronnie, backstage scenes and the video for "Push", featuring TENACIOUS D.

The complete track listing for "Evil Or Divine" is as follows:

01. Killing The Dragon
02. Egypt/Children of the Sea
03. Push
04. Drum Solo
05. Stand up and Shout
06. Rock and Roll
07. Don't Talk to Strangers
08. Man on the Silver Mountain
09. Guitar Solo
10. Long Love Rock and Roll
11. Lord of the Last Day
12. Fever Dream
13. Holy Diver
14. Heaven and Hell
15. The Last in Line
16. Rainbow in the Dark
17. We Rock
+ Bonus Material:
Interview, Photo Gallery, Behind The Scenes Footage, "Push" video.

NUCLEAR ASSAULT: "Alive Again" out in July

Reunited New York thrashers NUCLEAR ASSAULT have set a July 1 North American release date through Screaming Ferret Wreckords/SPV for their live album, "Alive Again".

The upcoming CD, which represents NUCLEAR ASSAULT's first release in over nine years, will contain the following cuts:

01. Rise From The Ashes
02. Brainwashed
03. F#
04. New Song
05. Critical Mass
06. SIN
07. Betrayal
08. Radiation Sickness
09. Game Over
10. Butt Fuck
11. Trail Of Tears
12. Hang the Pope

Also included with the CD will be a computer-enhanced portion containing a short interview with bassist Danny Lilker and drummer Glenn Evans and live footage of "Brainwashed" from the 2002 New Jersey Metal Meltdown.

NUCLEAR ASSAULT will embark on a short U.S. tour later this month.

Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

May 16 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre
May 17 - Lansing, MI @ JJ Kelley's
May 18 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
Jul. 11 - New York, NY @ Don Hill's
Jul. 12 - Clifton, NJ @ Connections
Jul. 13 - Buffalo, NY @ The Showplace

Not content to keep the reunion to a mere commemorative or nostalgic event, NUCLEAR ASSAULT is also planning a new studio record for the near future! Danny Lilker offers a sneak preview of what can be expected: “We are in the process of writing new material, and I can tell you that it's definitely in the style of the old stuff. Once again speaking for myself, I think the metal scene NEEDS an injection of classic thrash metal 'cos I've had enough of people thinking Linkin Park is metal. We'll have to show these youngsters how metal is really played!”

NIGHTWISH: 'End Of Innocence' DVD delayed

Finland's NIGHTWISH have pushed back the projected release date of their upcoming DVD, "End Of Innocence", to July 7 through Spinefarm. As previously reported, the DVD will consist of 12-14 tracks of music, including promo videos and various self-recorded live tracks, and about 60 minutes of behind-the-scenes material.
NIGHTWISH will enter the studio on October 27 to begin recording the follow-up to last year's "Century Child". The band will once again use their own studio in Kitee to record the drums, bass and keyboards/synths, while the vocals and guitars will be recorded at Helsinki's Finnvox facility.

NIGHTWISH hope to complete the recordings by the end of March 2004 and issue the as-yet-untitled effort in early June 2004.

In related news, the singer Tarja Turunen gets married. Tarja said that her relationship to a man from "overseas" got sealed in the end of 2002. She is going to arrange a summer-wedding in Finland this summer.
Tarja also told in other news that she is going to move back to Finland this summer.

VIRGIN STEELE: News regarding the Lilith Project

David DeFeis has completed over 40 pieces of Music for this Work. He has recorded and sent over to the Theatre for the upcoming performances 11 (eleven) Instrumental Pieces and 18 (eighteen) Songs. Hopefully the majority of these compositions will actually be heard in the final outcome of the Theatre's Presentation!

These Works, plus all the others not used but already prepared, make enough material for perhaps the next 3 or 4 VIRGIN STEELE albums, and in addition to this music, David tells us that bedsides these works, he has many more songs in various stages of completion! This past Winter has been incredibly prolific for him! Some titles we were allowed to hear were: "WHEN GODS DREAM(RAGING LUST IN HEAVEN)", "AND IN THE RED SEA...", "THE HIDDEN GOD", "ADORNED WITH THE RISING COBRA" (which is a massive Epic!), "IN THE PRISON OF YOUR SLEEP", "THE INEFFABLE NAME", "ANGEL OF DEATH" and "CHILDSLAYER".

We believe these works to be epic, bombastic and totally full on Metal, sort of like Conan the Barbarian meets Wagner in a dark gothic cave! Several tracks contain a very eerie, dark haunting quality that would be very much at home in a Horror Movie such as "The Omen", "The Ninth Gate" or "The Exorcist" ... ! All are extremely heavy, moody and melodic. It is music to accompany either the Ending of the World, the Birthing of a New World or both!!! The Works we heard feature David playing all of the instruments, orchestrations and vocals. We sincerely hope these songs make their way onto a CD soon, as it is our belief that these are some of the finest compositions ever to emerge from him.

When we asked David about this "Metal-Opera", he told us: "I don't think of it as a Metal-Opera. What it really is, ... is the Soundtrack for a Major Motion Picture that has yet to be made! And By The Fucking Hammer Of Zeus .... I will make this film one day!!!" He calls this Work ..."A Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind".

The Premier in Memmingen/Germany will take place on June 24th 2003, with many more dates following. And do not forget VIRGIN STEELE will be appearing live at "THE SUMMER DAY IN HELL FESTIVAL" in Italy on June 28th, and the AGGLUTINATION FESTIVAL on August 9th also in Italy.

LABYRINTH Sign Worldwide Deal

Italy's melodic metal powerhouse LABYRINTH has signed a worldwide multi-album deal with Century Media Records and will release their fourth full length simply titled, Labyrinth.

The band stormed onto the international metal scene in 1994 with the release of the Piece Of Time EP followed by their full-length debut No Limits, on Italy’s Underground Symphony label. Both of which featured future Rhapsody vocalist Fabio Lione, a.k.a. Joe Terry. After a short-lived relationship with Lione, the band enlisted the vocal talents of Roberto Tiranti a.k.a. Rob Tyrant, who added a new dimension to their sound.

With the line-up solidified, LABYRINTH soon gained international recognition after landing a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records. The release of the landmark Return To Heaven Denied garnered rousing critical acclaim on virtually every continent. The follow-up Timeless Crime EP and their latest album Sons Of Thunder, continued to build a solid foundation. Appearances on tours with such highly regarded acts as Hammerfall, Primal Fear, Helloween, Iron Savior, Nocturnal Rites and major metal festivals like Gods Of Metal, Dynamo, Wacken, Bang Your Head have made the legend LABYRINTH ripple through the metal kingdom.

After signing with Century Media Records in early 2003, a new path is once again being forged for LABYRINTH’s glorious return. Their phenomenal new album features artwork from the renowned Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Jag Panzer, etc.) and was recorded at Noise Factory Studio in Milano, Italy. Labyrinth offers 10 flawlessly executed tracks of aggressively melodic metal in its purest form.

Labyrinth are back stronger than ever…

Line Up:

Roberto Tiranti - Vocals
Andrea Cantarelli - Guitars
Cristiano Bertocchi - Bass
Andrea De Paoli - Keyboards, Programming
Mattia Stancioiu - Drums

Tracklist for “Labyrinth”:

1) The Prophet (4:46)
2) Livin' In A Maze (4:37)
3) This World (4:55)
4) Just Soldier [Stay Down] (5:26)
5) Neverending Rest (4:54)
6) Terzinato (5:49)
7) Slave To The Night (6:06)
8) Synthetic Paradise (5:48)
9) Hand In Hand (4:26)
10) When I Will Fly Far (5:16)

METALIUM name New album

Germany's METALIUM have set "In League As One - Chapter Four" as the title for their forthcoming studio album, tentatively due in late 2003 through Massacre Records. The follow-up to last year's "Hero-Nation Chapter III" will reportedly contain the longest song of METALIUM's career — an as-yet-unnamed 13-minute epic that includes a "very unusual" middle section featuring METALIUM bassist Lars Ratz on fretless bass.