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Iron In The Soul
Apr 1, 2002
GARDENIAN announce new-lineup & studio album news

"Sweden's GARDENIAN have resurfaced after a lengthy, self-imposed hiatus and have announced details of a new lineup and album. Joining guitarist Niklas Engelin and drummer Thim Blom in the group's latest incarnation are TIME REQUIEM singer Apollo Papathanasio and former GOOSEFLESH bassist Robert Hakemo. Kriss Albertsson, who previously played bass in the group, remains a member of the band, but only as a touring/session guitarist. Meanwhile, longtime guitarist/vocalist Jim Kjell, who played on the group's three full-length albums to date — 1997's "Two Feet Stand" (Listenable), 1999's "Soulburner" (Nuclear Blast), and 2000's "Sindustries" (Nuclear Blast) — has since left the band, having found "the day job he was searching for so," according to a statement on the group's new official web site, "We wish him all the best in the future."

GARDENIAN, who split with Nuclear Blast Records in 2001, are presently recording the follow-up to "Sindustries" at Studio Fredman and will be using the finished CD to procure a new record deal. If all goes well, the as-yet-untitled effort will be out in late spring/early summer.

Among the 12 working titles tentatively set to appear on the album are the following:

01. Inhale/Exhale
02. Drowning Empire
03. Remembered
04. Filth
05. Dark Waters
06. Dead To The World

An MP3 clip of the excellent "Remembered" can be downloaded from this location.

With regards to the group's current musical direction, the band wrote, "We know that it may sound like a cliché, but [these are] the best songs we have done/recorded so far in our career it feels like all the pieces finally fits in just perfect to our vision."

GARDENIAN's only announced live appearance of 2003 so far will take place at the fourth edition of the 2000 Decibel festival, which will be held on May 17 in Bengtsfors, Sweden (180 km north of Gothenburg). Also set to appear at the event are DIMENSION ZERO, TALISMAN, AMON AMARTH, PATHOS, DIONYSUS, SEVENTH ONE and THE PROJECT HATE, among others. As previously reported, Engelin's side project with IN FLAMES vocalist Anders Friden, ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE drummer Patrik J. Sten, and HEADPLATE bassist Håkan Skoger, which goes by the name of PASSENGER, recently inked a deal with Century Media Records for the release of their already-completed debut album, due in April. "


BLAZE frontman speaks out on upcoming Live album

BLAZE frontman Blaze Bayley (ex-IRON MAIDEN) recently commented on the group's upcoming double live CD, "As Live As It Gets", due on March 24 through SPV/Steamhammer Records. "We are live at our best, so we used the opportunity and recorded our 'Tenth Dimension Tour' in England and Switzerland," he said. "We thought that the set list is very interesting and that we filled an album. You hear our version of LED ZEPPELIN's 'Dazed And Confused', our interpretation of 'X-Factor' and 'Virtual XI' and our most favorite songs taken from 'Silicon Messiah' and 'Tenth Dimension'." "As Live As It Gets" was produced by Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, SKINLAB, STUCK MOJO), who had previously worked with the group on their two studio albums.

The long awaited release of the brand new double live album is released in EUROPE on MARCH 24th and in USA/CANADA on APRIL 29th.


01 Speed of Light
02 When Two Worlds Collide
02 Steel
04 Kill & Destroy
05 End Dream
06 Stare at the Sun
07 Land of the Blind
08 Silicon Messiah
09 Dazed & Confused

01 Virus
02 The Brave
03 Stranger to the Light
04 Identity
05 Sign of the Cross
06 Futureal
07 Ghost in the Machine
08 Born as a Stranger
09 Tenth Dimension

SPV Steamhammer records. Catalogue Number: SPV 089-74802 DCD


"I've gotten a few emails about this, so I figured I'd better get it online (actually, I've known for a few weeks, but I haven't had the time to update the site - too busy at work). Anyway, 20 years ago or so when I was in high school, I worked at a video store, and back then we had a tape available called "A Decade of Black Sabbath: 1968-1978". It was an hour long (give or take) concert from the Hammersmith Odeon on the Never Say Die Tour. It's LONG been out of print, and the footage has been used a few times since, although the only time I can recall right now is on the Sabbath Story Volume II videos (Snowblind, & Symptom of the Universe). Anyway, the entire concert hasn't been available for ages. Well, it is now. Using the links below, you can pre-order the DVD. It's currently slated to street on March 4, 2003 (March 3rd in Europe). However, we know what happened with the Black & Blue DVD, so hopefully this will actually make it out. :)"

For Region 1 DVD info:

For Region 2 DVD info:

Speaking of the long delayed "Black & Blue" DVD... It's still delayed - I've heard no further information regarding it's release, unfortunately.

Finally, there's a title called "Tony Iommi: Inside Black Sabbath" that has available for purchase. I've gotten several emails about it, but I have no clue what this is, or what's on it. If anyone has bought this, can you tell me what it's about? I've placed an inquiry to Tony Iommi's management folks about it - if I get a response with some info, I'll relay it.

UPDATE: I got a response from Iommi's management team about this video. Here's what they told me..

"It is a poor quality interview, filmed in 1991 for a local UK TV station, not intended to be issued as a home video/DVD. Because it is just a short interview and to make it appear a better buy they have added old live footage from previous Sabbath video's and 43 minutes of other bands."

PARAGON - Manowar cover & new studeio album news

"We have completed the recordings of the Manowar cover "The Gods Made Heavy Metal" and one of our new songs "Eye Of The Storm". "Gods" will appear on a Manowar Tribute which will be released in August on Nuclear Blast Records, "Eye" will be released as a limited 7´´ EP (250 vinyl pictures EPs, 250 "normal" vinyl EPs) in June on Remedy Records. On the B-Side there will be at least one (of three) "missing" songs of our last albums "Steelbound" and "Law Of The Blade" which didn´t fit on the 12´´ vinyl editions of the albums.
"Eye Of The Storm" is a really Metal anthem in the vein of "Blood Of My Enemies" or "In Union We Stand" and the "The Gods Made Heavy Metal" also turned out pretty good.

ATTENTION - the date for the show at the Headbanger´s Ballroom changed:
11.04.2003 Hamburg HEADBANGER`S BALLROOM

I also added the show we will play at the WIZARD RELEASE PARTY. We hope to see you all there as this will be a REAL METAL PARTY!!!

26.04.2003 Borken / Vennehof - WIZARD RELEASE PARTY (with Wizard & Majesty)

Heavy Metal Forever!

TYPE O NEGATIVE's SILVER speaks out on upcoming CD

TYPE O NEGATIVE keyboardist Josh Silver recently spoke to about the group's upcoming album, "The Dream Is Dead" and the individual tracks that make up the band's first collection of new material since 1999's "World Coming Down".

The following are the a few select excerpts from that discussion:

On the album title:

"[TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman] Peter [Steele] chose it. I think it's pretty appropriate, seeing as it's our last album for Roadrunner under this contract. I don't think people realize sometimes how much real work and effort goes into making music, it's not just one non-stop party. I guess it's also about perhaps not getting to the level we'd hoped for - being financially secure etc. In 5 years time we'll probably have all gone back to normal jobs... stacking shelves, whatever."

On the album's overall direction:

"I think this album is a more eclectic bunch of material than the last couple of albums. Some of it's punky, some of it's slow, some of it's in the middle. It's a good mix. It wasn't planned, it's just what has come together. We have an identity, a sound, and I like that. It's better than being generic. The ones who really did the rap + metal thing well were RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. The only thing new about nu-metal is the haircut."

On the track "A Dish Better Served Cold":

"This used to be called 'Truth Decay'. Ya know, a play on tooth decay. Did you get that though? We changed it, the joke was based too much on language, people wouldn't get it. I actually prefer 'Truth Decay' though."

On the track "Nettie":

"This is about Peter's mother. He has deep feelings about watching her suffer. He'd like to remove all her pain like we'd like to prevent our parents hurting in any way. At least if you're somewhat sane."

On the track "Valentines Day":

"This is pretty self-explanatory really. It's a typical TYPE O kinda theme. Love stinks."

On the track "I Like Girls":

"Hah! This is a spoof about Peter having a gay man try to pick him up. It's very tongue in cheek. That's what I miss from some of the other stuff we've done. TYPE O was a mix of tragedy and comedy, a lot of humor. Some of the lyrics from this will definitely piss people off. Actually, this is one of my favorite tracks."

On the track "Angry Inch" (cover from 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch')":

"You wanna know what this song is all about? Just wait until the next Playboy spread comes out... ha ha ha. Seriously, we just really liked this, we tried a couple of others but they didn't work as well. It has the comedy and tragedy going on."

Song Titles - The Dream Is Dead
Our continous poking and prodding produced some final-esque song titles (not in sequence) from Josh:
A Dish Better Served Cold (formerly Truth Decay)
I Like Girls
Valentine's Day (source of album title)
I Don't Want to Be Me
Angry Inch (cover from Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
Above All Things
Life is Killing Me
Two demo songs (I Need Love and Why Won't You Love Me) will be included, just don't have official titles yet. Look to have one more track added to the final sequence for a total of...13. As always, remember this is Type O and things could change...

HELLOWEEN name new album, confirm new drummer

HELLOWEEN have reportedly set "Rabbits Don't Come Easy" as the title for their forthcoming studio album, due in Europe on May 5 through Nuclear Blast Records. In other news, the band have now officially confirmed the departure of drummer Mark Cross and addition to the group's lineup of former ACCEPT/RUNNING WILD skinsman Stefan Schwarzmann (comfirmed in Helloween official site:
Cross joined HELLOWEEN in August 2001 as a replacement for Uli Kusch but was unable to accompany the group during the recording sessions for their upcoming album after he was struck by the malicious (EBV) Epstein-Barr virus also known as Mononucleosis. MOTÖRHEAD's Mikkey Dee laid down the drum tracks for the follow-up to 2000's "The Dark Ride", which is currently being mixed by producer Charlie Bauernfeind at Mi Sueno studio in Tenerife, Spain. A North American release date has yet to be announced.

U.D.O. News

Hi Everybody! At the moment we are still working on the DVD, we don't have the release date yet but we'll put it here as soon as we'll know it.

We'll play in two big festivals this summer, Bang your Head in Germany and Gods of Metal in Italy.

The new studio album will be released in oktober/november this year, and the next tour will start probably in South America and US, we are working on it. The European Tour will start in january 2004."

NASUM complete work on 'Helvete' album

Relapse Records recording artists NASUM have completed work on their forthcoming record, entitled "Helvete".

"Helvete", Swedish for "Hell", was recorded in Sweden's Soundlab Studios, with production from the band's own Mieszko Talarczyk.

The final track listing for "Helvete" is as follows:

01. Violation
02. Scoop
03. Living Next Door to Malice
04. Stormshield
05. Time to Discharge
06. Bullshit
07. Relics
08. We Curse You All
09. Doombringer
10. Just Another Hog
11. Drop Dead
12. I Hate People
13. Go!
14. The Final Sleep
15. Slaves to the Grind
16. Breach of Integrity
17. The Everlasting Shame
18. Your Words Alone
19. Preview of Hell
20. Illogic
21. Whip
22. Worst Case Scenario

NASUM's "Helvete", which will feature guest appearances from Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) and Jörgen Sandström (ENTOMBED, ex-GRAVE), will see a late May release via Relapse. The band will also be issuing a split EP with NAPALM DEATH soon, with NASUM covering the NAPALM classic "Unchallenged Hate" and NAPALM DEATH covering NASUM's "The Masked Face", from the band's now classic 1998 release "Inhale / Exhale".

Helvete", our third album is to be released on Relapse Records end of March/early April (US) and end of April/early May (Europe) if everything goes well.

About the stuff... The new songs feel a bit more complicated than the previous stuff and also a bit faster. There will be lots of grind on "Helvete"...

SOILWORK - Work Complete On Next Album!

Sweden’s Soilwork have completed work on their follow up to 2002’s best-selling Natural Born Chaos. Called Figure Number Five, the album contains the following songs (in running order):

Rejection Role
Figure Number Five
Light the Torch
Departure Plan
Cranking the Sirens
The Mindmaker
Distortion Sleep
Downfall 24

Nuclear Blast America has set the release date for North America as May 6th, 2003, two weeks after the April 21st European release.

Recording began last December at Queenstreet Recording (The Defaced) in Soilwork’s hometown of Helsingborg with Fredrik Nordström (The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity), while drums were tracked at Dug-Out Studio (Meshuggah, In Flames) with Daniel Bergstrand (Strapping Young Lad, Darkane, Stuck Mojo) in Uppsala. Production later moved to Studio Fredman in Gothenburg (At the Gates, Dimmu Borgir) where vocalist Björn “Speed“ Strid tracked vocals. Mixing and mastering were finished February 9th by Nordström at Studio Fredman.

IN FLAMES - touring with some un-metal bands

No band is closer to the verge of exploding and exposing the mainstream to a whole new sonic experience than Sweden’s In Flames, who Billboard Magazine praised as “metal’s most hotly touted act.” The upcoming tour supporting Mudvayne and legendary aggro-industrial metal act Ministry will kick of on March 8th (full routing to be confirmed). This will be In Flames’ third tour of North America supporting their sixth studio album, Reroute to Remain, following a six-week theater run with Slayer and Soulfly and a two-week headline stint with support from Sentenced, Dark Tranquillity and Killswitch Engage.

Reroute to Remain hit North America on September 3, 2002 and has become the band’s best-selling effort to date. After a two-year gap between Reroute to Remain and their last studio album, Clayman, the band wanted to give the fans a little something extra by packing the disc with as much groundbreaking material as possible. To achieve the monumental offering, the band turned to producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad), working with someone other than Fredrik Nordström for the first time in their career. They also brought in artist Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced) to give the album a distinct visual look to match the inimitable musical performance. The new approached worked, as In Flames have continued to break into new areas, including having the video for “Cloud Connected” in constant rotation on MTV2 and Much Music for the last five months.

After storming Europe and Japan with sell-out tours and receiving both Peoples’ Choice Awards and Grammy nominations in Sweden, In Flames are set to return their focus back to the North American market. See it happen this March.

IN FLAMES w/ Mudvayne & Ministry

3/8 Metropol – Pittsburgh, PA

3/10 Webster Theater – Hartford, CT

3/11 Northern Lights – Clifton Park, NY

3/12 Staircase – Pittson, PA

3/14 Norva Theater – Norfolk, VA

3/15 House Of Blues – Orlando, FL


AGENT STEEL signed with SCARLET (updated)

Yes we did it! This METAL legend will deliver their new masterpiece through SCARLET in Europe! Scarlet is also negotiating the release of the new album titled 'Order Of The Illuminati' in Asia.
Here's the statement of the band: "Agent Steel is proud to announce they have signed contracts and has serious support from metal's home in Italy, Scarlet Records. After much debate, Scarlet wins this war and Agent Steel is back with more metal, more message, and the will to educate and energize the earth in the coming battle for our planet. The forthcoming release, 'Order Of The Illuminati' will be available throughout Europe (May/June 2003), and Agent Steel will take the stage to deliver their message of human conquest over the Untied Slave State across all of Europe this summer! Prepare for the only metallic onslaught of stratospheric dimension: Agent Steel".
CHECK ADVANCE MP3's on AGENT STEEL official web:

Official tracklist:
01- Forever Black
02- Dead Eyes
03- Human Bullet
04- Enslaved
05- Earth Under Lucifer
06- Avenger
07- 10 Fists Of Nations
08- Final Dawn
09- Insurrection
10- Apocalypse (World Without Windows)

MOONSPELL - New Album Update

MOONSPELL have issued the following message regarding their forthcoming new album: “Moonspell are currently pre-producing their new album in Portugal at their very own Inferno studios together with Waldemar Sorychta (Wolfheart, Irreligious and Sin producer). The title of the album is to be kept a secret for now as well as further details in recordings and timings. So far we can advance it is our wish to produce with Hiilii H. at Finnvox again as we stated previously. The artwork will be in charge of W. Blasiak, creator of the Darkness and Hope imaginarium, and the photos will be under the spell of long time Moonspell´s collaborator Paulo Moreira. As for the direction, without speculating too much, we can only say it is, so far, the greatest, strongest and most personal songs we ever wrote. The ambient is both very classical and spiritual served by an intense lyrical support mainly focused in horror fiction, a clash between horror and beauty and what is in between those two dimensions. Some of the songs which will be featured are: ‘The Southern Deathstyle’, ‘Lunar Still’, ‘From Lowering Skies’, ‘In And Above Men’ and ‘Everything Invaded’, among several others. In the meanwhile you can still consult our official site for further news, new chapters of the A diaries, and other pieces of, believe us, a greater plan."

In other news, Moonspell will contribute to the soundtrack of the first Portuguese horror movie, I’ll See You In My Dreams. They will cover the jazz standard that gives name to the film. For more on this go to:

MASTERPLAN - Distro by The End Records

USA based The End Records is proud to announce the distribution of AFM Records (Germany) artists MASTERPLAN European super-group's debut cd for the United States territory.

MASTERPLAN is made up of seasoned musicians of the European heavy metal scene which include Guitarist Roland Grapow (formerly of HELLOWEEN); drummer Uli Kusch (formerly of HELLOWEEN); vocalist Jorn Lande (formerly of ARK, COMPANY OF SNAKES and MILLENIUM); bassist Jan S. Eckert (formerly of IRON SAVIOR) and keyboardist Axel Mackenrott.

MASTERPLAN on their debut cd, showcase all the power, fury and conviction of a new heavy metal musical institution on the rise. The aggressive vocals of Jorn Lande; ultra heavy guitar riffing and soloing from Roland Grapow, pounding bass playing of Jan S. Eckert; insane and super solid drumming of Uli Kusch and perfect highlighting keyboards of Axel Mackenrott, make their debut cd one of the hardest hitting metal releases of 2003.

The cd was produced by renowned producer Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Testament); mixed by Mikko Kamilla and mastered by Mika Jussila.

If there was a perfect description of the band, it would be a combination of the best parts of Helloween (Keepers of the Seven Keys Pt. 1 and 2 era with the tempos and melodies) and Whitesnake (1987 era with the coverdale like vocals and riffs remniscent at times of guitar god John Sykes). Basically, lots of power, melody and aggression.

The cd also features a special appearance by original Helloween vocalist Michale Kiske, who performs a duet with Jorn Lande on the song "Heroes".

The MASTERPLAN debut cd went straight to position # 42 in the official German Media Control charts in the initial week of it's official release. The cd also obtained similar outstanding results in other European countries. In addition, the cd became "Album Of The Month" in the following magazines:

Rock Hard (Germany)
Heavy Oder Was (Germany)
Metallian (France)
Sweden Rock (Sweden)
Aardschok (Holland)

A 45 day European tour supporting Sweden heavy metal crusaders HAMMERFALL throughout the months of January and February 2003, helped solidify the band reputation's as an incendiary act and a major live act. In addition, their recent confirmation to appear on high profile European festivals such as Germany's Bang Your Head and England's Bloodstock, will further spread the word on this phenomenal new band.

CD Track Listing

01. Spirit Never Die
02. Enlighten Me
03. Kind Hearted Light
04. Crystal Night
05. Soulburn
06. Heroes
07. Sail On
08. Into The Light
09. Crawling From Hell
10. Bleeding Eyes
11. When Love Comes Close

To download a full MP3 file of the song Soulburn or to purchase a copy of the cd, visit: The End Record Official Site:

Masterplan Official Site

AFM Records Official Site

IRON MAIDEN to mix new album in 5.1 Surround Sound

IRON MAIDEN are set to mix their forthcoming album in 5.1 surround sound as well as stereo, according to producer Kevin Shirley. "It will be a little different to the CD mix, so it should be fantastic!" he wrote on his web site. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2000's "Brave New World" is due in the summer.

POWERGOD extend contract with MASSACRE

Germany's POWERGOD have extended their contract with Massacre Records for another three albums and are preparing to enter the studio to record their next album, a collection of cult metal cover versions titled "Practice What You Preach — That's Metal Lesson 2". More information will be made available soon.

EDGUY - Live album & New album update news!

"The mastering and the mixing of the live album has now been completed and the release date is now scheduled for April or May. The tracklist for the live album is as follows:

Disc I: Intro, Fallen Angels, Tears Of A Mandrake, Babylon, Land Of The Miracle, Painting On The Wall, Wings Of A Dream, The Headless Game, The Pharaoh

Disc II: Vain Glory Opera, drum-solo, Save Us Now, How Many Miles, Inside, Avantasia, Out Of Control

With song writing for the new studio album progressing Edguy is set to enter the rehearsal room once again and begin working on the new songs. According to guitarist Jens Ludwig the preparations for the next studio album will be given this week! Presently, the approximate time for the next release is early 2004."

SENTENCED - enter studios by the end of the year

Sentenced has withdrawn to a "creative" break. Main reason for this break is that guitarist Sami Lopakka has become a father and the band wants to give time to Sami to be with his baby.

However looks like the break is not going to last long because the band is planning to enter the studios to record a new album by the end of the year.

Ville and Miika has already written some new songs and the band is going to record some demos at the end of the summer. Sentenced has also moved to a new rehersing place, which is actually kind of studio where they can record new songs while reharsing and check out immidiately if those are working or not. Vesa Ranta says that it's their first good reharsing place ever.

There has been some rumours about band splitting up or Ville leaving Sentenced because of Poisonblack. Those rumours are complete bullshit; Ville is not leaving and band is not breaking up, Vesa Ranta tells.

According to the Sentenced's record company Century Media, European tour 2002 with Lacuna Coil was one of the most successfull metaltours in Europe when comparing to other tours of this size. Band is not going to do any gigs until end of the May when they are going to play a charity gig in Oulu, Finland."

Looking forward to the Black Sabbath DVD. I haven't seen that video since the mid-80s when I rented it on Beta video!

Also looking forward to the new Type O Negative CD. Sounds kind of like they're going back to their roots with this new disc, but with even better songwriting abilities.

Can't wait!
Maiden 5.1, is that supposed to be like an audio cd? I've only heard one audio cd and that's Deep Purple - Machine Head. I was impressed. That sound was amazingly better. If it's anything like that, then I'll be looking forward to that! Also, good to see that UDO is brewing up something out there. Like to hear what that is too.
Red Shirt, I'm guessing you mean Audio DVD. Hopefully, they have the CD packaged as a double disc set, one for regular stereo, the other a DVD with the 5.1 surround mix.

Also, if you like the sound of the DVD Audio, you might really like the sound of the SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc). The sampling rate is higher than DVD (128 kHz sampling rate as opposed to 96 kHz with DVD). Only problem is that there still isn't any material that has been recorded with the sampling rate of 128 kHZ, that I know of, and all the titles that I've seen for the format are old analog recordings. :(
Originally posted by smylex
Red Shirt, I'm guessing you mean Audio DVD. Hopefully, they have the CD packaged as a double disc set, one for regular stereo, the other a DVD with the 5.1 surround mix.

Also, if you like the sound of the DVD Audio, you might really like the sound of the SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc). The sampling rate is higher than DVD (128 kHz sampling rate as opposed to 96 kHz with DVD). Only problem is that there still isn't any material that has been recorded with the sampling rate of 128 kHZ, that I know of, and all the titles that I've seen for the format are old analog recordings. :(

Yes you have. MANOWAR: Warriors Of The World was also recorded in SACD.
Audio cd is correct, that's what I meant to say. I even had to look that up to make sure (check yourself...look up cd's for Deep Purple - Machine Head and it shows an option for audio cd...unless where I looked was wrong). Audio cd is a cd recorded for listing on a 5.1 system (which seems more correct to say audio dvd). It sounds like it's the same as audio DVD.

I just remember that the sound was more 'live' and no matter where I stood, it sounded like I was in the middle of the band...very cool.