Metal stores in London, England?


Jul 14, 2008
Im going to London tomorrow and will spend 5 days there before going up north. I know Im very late with this but I just realized I will have some more time alone than I first thought so I wanted to go to some metal merchandise stores or some good record stores.

Basically anything metal to do suring day time. So if anyone has any recomendation please tell me. As I said Im leaving tomorrow so you gotta be quick here :p

Hope you can give me some good ideas.
There are a few metal outlets on the outskirts of town. They stock copper, iron and even mercury. They have a special on corrugated iron atm I think.
theres one on camden highstreet called ressurection records, its beneath a new rock boots shop or something like that, sells a fairly good range of extreme metal and not much mainstrem shite such as trivium etc. has lots of melodic death and black metal