Metalcore Mix

cymbals could come up a little imo, like maybe 1.5 or 2db, but thats just my preference. really nice btw. diggin the drum tones, especially the snare and toms. care to share info on the samples?

edit: didn't think of this till just now, but is there any bass in this mix? kind of lacking some low end punch.
Thanks for your input! The drums are Slate Trigger with blends of different things. I couldn't name the kick and snares I settled on unless I brought up the session, but the toms are a blend of the "fat toms" and "metal toms". There is bass in there, and I know what you mean about the punch. The player himself wasn't quite tight enough with the guitarists to bring out the string attack and not have it sounding odd imo.
definitely put the cymbals up. and guitars down a little bit, or vocals up. but thats just my preference
sounds real good man, keep up the good work.....
but I do agree, the crash cymbals need to be brought up,
although the hi hat sounds loud enough.

And needs more bassy sound
Guitars could use a touch of gain, personally. Other than that, just bring the OHs up a bit, maybe bring that snare up a TINY bit, mix in some low end and you should be good to go. Pretty sweet work, JGolden, I dig it!