Meyvn 'Splintered Skies' now available on iTunes


Nov 14, 2005

"Each of the players is a master of his instrument. Fingers run across strings, up and down fret boards and atop keys with the greatest of ease and stunning results"
Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles
"Splintered Skies" is an accomplished album from a very talented band. Its secret weapon may end up being the act's strong sense of melody, which is a good sign for future releases."

"An impressive vocal range, blinding speed and precision on guitar and an amazing rhythm section make Meyvn a top-ranking contender destined to be heard worldwide."
Explicitly Intense

"This is American quality metal of the highest level possible! This is pure class!"
Aardschok Magazine

"Meyvn. They rock! Crazy, hi-tech, You Tube-ready, guitar solos-dizzying friggin' solos-insanely catchy chorsues, and enough good ideas and fresh takes on progressive metal to fill three albums."
Decibel Magazine

"The band is extremely technical, performs most of the time on high speed, and is capable of writing well-structured and innovative songs. Songs such as 'How Far We Fall', 'Disturbed' and the brilliant, eleven minute 'One World' featuring completely over the top guitar solos, give you hardly any chance to breath."
Lords Of Metal

"Through the years, we have witnessed a lot of great metal-acts coming from Texas. One thing many of them have had in common, is the will to be creative and original with their music. Meyvn could be seen as yet another act in this category.....Meyvn is a name you should remember if you care for progressive metal with heavy guitars."
Scream Magazine

THE Apple iTunes LINK WILL BE:

MEYVN performing at ProgPower Europe 10.7.07