Misc. pictures to pass the time........


C-C-Cool Beans!!!
Well, in the down time here while were preparing for pre-produciton on the next album, here are a few misc. photo's taken by several freinds of the band along with my rediculas and pointless comments to help pass the time.

Enjoy! :p


Ahhhhh... here we have Sean (Enchant) and our brotha' Jasun (Zero Hour) hangin' out after the filiming of Enchant's live DVD. T'was an excellent show, and Sean tore it up! Notice my "garbage bag" of loot, I look like i'm trick-or-treating... and I have no idea why am making that face. o_O


...here are a few shots from the last month by Mr. Toast while we've been writting/rehearsing material for the next album. Notice the gear and the mess of to the right? It has been a trip-hazard and a total cluster mess for me for over two years. It's finally cleaned up and upgraded (new soundboard, processor ect.) thanks to Curtis and his deep pockets (actually...the thrifty bargin hunter he is!) :Spin:


As you can see behind Curtis here, we recently erected a glass partition wall between us & the drums int eh recording sutdio. This has been something we needed to do for a loooong time. Curtis finally found some old patio doors that someone was getting rid of, and they worked out better than expected!


This guy needs no introduction.... just hide your smokes & booze when he's around! :tickled:


As you can see, our singer is hard at work as usual.... you can see here he's still got his boot on from when he tore his achilies heal. He had it removed a week after this was taken. Being that only a few songs had vocals/lyrics at the time this was taken, he would show up and draw cute pictures on our dry erase board (behind his head) until we needed him to listen to somthing, or he felt it was time to chastise our work (or lack there-of). :D Can you guess who in the band those character drawings are of? hmmmmm.... :oops:


Let me just say that this dude can shred! :worship: Here we see the ever quite and yet comedic (and chain smoking king) Mark "The Tark" working on the new material with us and drinking his bottom less can of Mountain Dew (does that drink ever get warm?). If you ask anyone in the local death/black metal scene here, he is better known as the "Prog Dude".... but we like to call him "Lo-Lo".
Isn't he the coolest! :headbang:

That's it for now....anyone else got some to share? :cool: