Mixdown (Death Metal), any Comments appreciated


Aug 9, 2006
Hessen, Germany
Hi there,

first of all thanks to all of you for this great forum. I've only been a visitor for the past 2 weeks or so, but the atmosphere here is really awesome. :worship:

The reason why I'm posting this here is mainly because this is the first time that i did such an extreme type of music. First time I recorded growled vocals actually. So because of my lack of experience in this kind of music, it's still a bit hard for me to make sense of it all.


About the song, it's a local band I've been recording. They're called "Heresy" and the reason they did this demo is that they're looking for a drummer and haven't been able to find one so far. So the drums are completely programmed and absolutely no effort was made to make them sound "real" - every hit is the same. Guitars are 2 tracks of Rectifier (most of the time, in some parts it's 4) & 2 tracks of Line 6 "Spinal Puppet". There's still a guitar Solo missing at 2:30, gonna record that tomorrow.

Any comments, good or bad, are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
Man, thats some nice mixing there. Guitars sound huge, vocals fit in well, the bass does what it should be, and after the first half I totally forgot the drums were programed haha (though that last part isn't much coming from me).
Dude, this is killer. I don't even care it they are programmed drums the song and mix is killer. I can only wish my stuff sounded like this.

Also, the riff in the middle that goes on for like 20 seconds or so, with the pause in it, fucking rocks.

Wow, those breaks in the middle are killing everything! Great stuff! Cool editing! (And playing ;-)

Drums are absolutly killing, for that stuff nobody cares if they sound realistic or not.

For the Vox:

Maybe a little dessing could be cool.

Try to route all those Vox to a group (i am shure you allready have) and put a deesser on that group.

You dont have a problem with the "ss" - the problem is the "schhh".

But i am just with my girlfriends headphones connected to the onboard soundchip @ the moment :)

Yep that all sounds stunning! :headbang:
Very nice guitars with plenty big balls..... Good job with the vocals too!
I didn't like the start of it, was too fast for my taste, but after that it sounds fucking awesome man, I love it, and yeah you totally forget about the drums sounding fake.
In the first song the really fast double bass parts sound fake and in the second song the (I'm not sure how to describe it) double tom hits? sound clicky. Otherwise everything sounds great. Nice job! Cool ass songs too.