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Apr 14, 2001

Theres a few more Iced Earth covers at the bottom of the page, including Number of the beast!!!!!
! BUT, I just finished downloading NOTB and it said it had a crc error, but noone else from the iced earth board has had that happen so it might just be my pc, so anyone with cable feel free to get it and check :D
Ok, the mp3s DO work, it was just my stupidpcthatihateihateihate screwing up. So download away :)
Most of the others seem to be on Audiogalaxy ( )
Creatures of the night RULES!!!!! :D
As does Number of the best, im still waiting on Hallowed though.......
I got hallowed, tis pretty good, very very faithful to the maiden version.
The maiden version is the best of course (its one of my most favourite songs ever!), but IEs version is good :)

Everyone MUST get god of thunder. That is all :D
This is reprinted with permission from Spawnys journal...........

Ok, ive listened to the Iced Earth mp3s all morning and here is my review........

1.) Creatures Of The Night (Kiss) - Well, this ones pretty damn good, they didnt do the ooooooooohh bit in the
chorus, but thats probably a good thing. I still like the version on Alive 3 the best, Iced Earth should have made it
way heavier, but its still quite good in an average sorta way!

2.) Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden) - One of my favourites, Matt sounds great on this one, especially in the
chorus, very faithful to the maiden version, once again I wish they had made it heavier, but I still *really* like this

3.) Highway To Hell (AC/DC) - Cant find this one on mp3 yet......................

4.) Burnin' For You (Blue Oyster Cult) - Cant find this one either...........

5.) God Of Thunder (Kiss) - NOW we are talking! THIS is awesome! You MUST hear it, heavy as hell! This is so
good :) )

6.) Screaming For Vengence (Judas Priest) - The best cover by far, this is UNREAL! Matts vocals are amazing,
great riffs, great harmony bit, great song. This rules. Oh how it rules. This song has made me its bitch :) )

7.) Dead Babies (Alice Cooper) - A little boring for my tastes, not a bad song, just not one Iced Earth should have
done IMHO.

8.) Cities On Flame (Blue Oyster Cult) - Never heard the original one of this, but this ones ok, I think it will grow on
me maybe.....

9.) Long Way To The Top (AC/DC) - Good as well, but again, not really a song I would have picked for Iced Earth to

10.) Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath) - Havent got this mp3 either........

11.) Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden) - This version is almost exactly like maidens original, and theres no point
in that because the original is one of the greatest songs of all time. I wish they had done Fear of the dark or
something, not that this version is bad, but if I want to hear this song, the original is the one ill listen to.

So overall, not too shabby, but I wish they had made them a little more Iced Earthified. They should have made
them way heavier and in some cases faster and with more screaming! Though it is good if you take into account
they were recorded in Jons basement in only 10 days.

Here are the songs they SHOULD have done:
Fear Of The Dark
Trapped Under Ice
War Ensemble
Last In Line
Children Of The Sea
Hellion/Electric Eye
Crazy Train
Dont Talk To Strangers
No Prayer For The Dying
Children Of The Damned <--- Why the HELL they didnt do this song for Horror Show Ill never know.......

See, isnt my list better?
Some time this week hopefully, just awaiting the call..................... :)
Hi again everyone, ive just resurrected this post to say Highway To Hell is now the new champion cover from the cd! :headbang: :headbang:
*Bangs head and does devil sign*
Originally posted by Blitzkrieg
- Got the email from MetalMayhem this morning saying it was instock.
- Went to Post Office.
- Sent money order.
- Money order will be recieved tomorrow, and Dark Genesis sent.
- SHOULD recieve Dark Genesis on Friday, if not Monday.


WHAT? Utopia doesnt even have it yet. Methinks ill be calling metal mayhem.......
Right, I call Utopia tomorrow morning, if they dont have it, I fly down to Melbourne.