Iced Earth Box Set!!!!!!!

Seventh Son

Zero Salvation
Apr 16, 2001
Sydney, Australia
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ICED EARTH will release a 5-CD Box set, Dark Genius, in November. It will include the five discs in a 32 page hardcover book, packaged in a deluxe slipcase that measures 25 cm (height) by 14 cm (width). The set will include remixed and digitally remastered versions of the first three studio albums, 11 tracks of Iced Earth covering their favourite bands and the demo recordings that lead to the band´s record deal with Century Media Records. Contents of the Box set include: CD1 - Iced Earth album; CD2 - Night of the Stormrider album; CD3 - Burnt Offerings album; CD4 - Tribute To The Godz album featuring ‘Creatures Of The Night’ (KISS), ‘Number Of The Beast’ (IRON MAIDEN), ‘Highway To Hell’ (AC/DC), ‘Burnin' For You’ (BLUE OYSTER CULT), ‘God Of Thunder’ (KISS), ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ (JUDAS PRIEST), ‘Dead Babies’ (ALICE COOPER), ‘Cities On Flame’ (BLUE OYSTER CULT), ‘Long Way To The Top’ (AC/DC), ‘Black Sabbath’ (BLACK SABBATH) and ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ (IRON MAIDEN) and CD5 - Enter The Realm (Demo) featuring ‘Enter The Realm’, ‘Colors’, ‘Nightmares’, ‘Curse The Sky’, ‘Solitude’ and ‘Iced Earth’.
MMMm Iced Earth :)
I still wish they had redone the vocals for the first 2 albums, stormriders vocals were alright, but the first one........ :err:
The tribute album is available seperatly too in case anyone here wanted it but didnt want the box set.
All the cds have completely new artwork too, which I cant wait to see, the bass player (james) said it looks fantastic...

I'm buying the covers CD on its own, as I already have far superior versions of tracks from the first two albums on DOP, and Burnt Offerings is *still* on its way to my letterbox. I've tried to order it three times now, so it should turn up eventually!

Besides, I can't afford to buy two box sets in November. How rich do they think I am? ;)

Im getting the kiss one too :D Remember kiddies, spawny can afford it because he has no life :)
I have no life either, but I'm still poor :lol:

The trouble with my line of work is that I won't get any credit or recognition until at least thirty years after I'm dead. Then all the royalty cheques will be lining the pockets of my ungrateful, disbelieving relatives. There's no justice, I tellsya!