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If i'm not mistaken only one was ever made, and JesusChristPosse has it :mad:

you know that was a vicious rumour spread by a member of our very own board :rolleyes:

anywho i dont know what its called, pisses me of a bit, i bought morningrise not knowing that i could have got the re-release with the bonus track, oh well.
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If i'm not mistaken only one was ever made, and JesusChristPosse has it :mad:

Only ONE? Holly shit... I know where to get it! Hmmm... this is a very important album for big Opeth fans... I think I'll have to go and buy it :D
that reminds me, i usually listen to music loud enough for my neighbours on other roads to hear on Fridays as no one home after college, and well i put on BRI, and it really doesnt work when played loud, all the acoustic bits are wierd when loud and sound like a rusty chainsaw, pity. just thought id mention, i mean its not important, just dont work really loud, not a problem or anything, more of an observation .
I try to avoid the re-releases =/
well, the MAYH is pretty cool....both bonus tracks are pretty well produced

but on Orchid and Morningrise.......argh, horror!! :eek:
Imagine the sweet end of To Big You Farewell followed by a nasty tape-recording......same goes for the nice end of Apostle in Triumph......
anders nordin wrote a piano piece that was to be
included on morningrise...but never ended up
on it (obviously).

if the re-release HAD to be done, it would have been
nice that it have included this track. but it didn't,
so DON'T get it. its older very unpolished stuff.

i have the mp3 of it backed up somewhere, and i
wont be dusting it off..... morningrise is PERFECT as
it was first released.
i have the re-release, and the extra song. its called "eternal soul torture", and it wa way back in 1991 when the line up was akerfeldt, lindgren and david isberg. i can post it as an mp3 if you all want....
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I have the re-release too. And I don't find that song, "Eternal Soul Torture", so good...

Me 3
and don't know about the song, cos my CD-player don't like the CD, good thing I am getting a new one soon.
I have 3 first albums without any bonus tracks or Opeth-logos, just the way they were supposed to be released and originally were. Not gonna buy those re-releases, those cover-songs are good, but nothing special really and the demos are way too bad to pay extra 20€ for each item.