Morphia – Fading Beauty


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Morphia – Fading Beauty
Fear Dark Records – 2005
By Russell Garwood


Morphia play melodic, symphonic, doom metal, with heavy goth leanings. There is quite a range in tempos, with many tracks being too fast for traditional doom, while a wide range in atmospheres is extremely effective. The guitars are heavy, with memorable riffage, lots of emotion and occasional acoustics. The bass is powerful and well performed - audible thanks to an excellent mix from sound engineer Bert Bonestroo, who is listed as a band member. Genuine violins are a nice addition, and work well in creating atmosphere with the occasional female singing. The vocals vary between a guttural growl, which is a harsh, highly effective front to the music, and some top-notch singing, with good range and nice tone. The keyboards prove slightly cliché at times, but are cool nevertheless. Drums prove solid and sympathetic to the differing atmospheres.

All of this makes for a solid album. There is nothing particularly new or original on display in Fading Beauty, but it is full of well-written, emotive songs, and ever changing atmospheres which keep everything interesting. Well worth checking out for fans of early Anathema and My Dying Bride.


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