Devlin – Grand Death Opening


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Devlin – Grand Death Opening
Napalm Records – February 2003
By Russell Garwood

Devlin are an Austrian duo, who play an amalgamation of goth and doom metal, with electronic touches. Marcus, who is responsible for vox guitars and keyboards, provides occasional growls, speech and harsher vocals in a multi-faceted vocal performance, but the lead role is taken by his partner. Lexi’s singing is tuneful and well-executed, but not particularly powerful (possibly due to the mixing), providing occasional compelling melodies which help make up for somewhat mediocre riffage/run-of-the-mill guitar work. The programmed drums have relatively little variation, while the bass is effective but on the simplistic side.

Occasional symphonics help make "Grand Death Opening" less monotonous, but this is still the album’s major flaw; there is little variation in sound or song-writing, and after the first few tracks the music tends to stop being enjoyable. This also makes the emotion feel forced at times, which can detract from the sporadic enjoyable atmospheres. At times the catchier moments lift you out of an indifferent apathy much of the music inspires, and suggest that Devlin have more song-writing talent than is apparent on this release, so I await the duo’s further work with interest. An uninspired, but at times memorable release…