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Jul 7, 2001
Ok so anyway i don't think we've discussed this yet or if we have i just have a bad memory

I don't feel like typing a big paragraph on it but what do you think about the pirating mp3 bullshit.......

This is me - i have at least 600 mp3s on my computers and MANY MANY full albums..... i don't really get that much money.... but
when i have extra money i go out and buy cds.... i buy as many as i can- -- whats anyones opinion... do you think that its right for me to have the mp3s on my computer becuase i buy as many cds as possible or no matter what i shouldnt have them? Im not talking what the law says im saying what is right or wrong to YOU
1400+ MP3's.

Mine are more of the harder to find music, or the "it's the only good song on the album" type. Part of me hates the music industry, becasue most of the time, I spend $15+- on a CD, and only like the song (and maybe one other) that I purchased the CD for. (I have 400+ CD's. When I download a handful of songs from an artist, and I really like the music, I buy the CD's (ie: heard Opeth - Bleak 1st, loved it so much, bought all of their CD's).

For instance, I wanted the song Hocus Pocus by Focus. You can't even find the album, so I downloaded the song. Shame on me? Nope. I've wasted more $$ buying crappy music than I care to admit.