My Anthrax Clothes For The Comming Summer


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Here are my anthrax clothes for the comming summer in australia :hotjump:
I,ve never seen these shorts before when i seen them i said there mine,i scored them off ebay for $56US. :headbang: $79AUS

And a out of print anthrax 2003 european t-shirt also that i scored off ebay from
matt coffey


Anybody got any anthrax gear for upcomming summer :headbang: :hotjump:
No 1 Anthrax memorabilia i'm after is a pair of signed drum sticks from charlie anybody got some that they want to sell give me a private message.i seen them on the anthrax site in the merchandise page but they were all sold out. :yell:
Saw these shorts in a mailorder catalogue like 12 years ago...i want to buy them, but i waited too much and can't buy'em 'cause they were sold out . When I saw 'Thrax in Madrid 2 weeks ago there was a guy wearing them....i should check out ebay....