My Concert Picture Site (Nevermore Included)


UM's Resident Asshole
Apr 22, 2003
Maplewood, Minnesota
Hey, i'm kind of new here, i hang out at the theocracy board and on the progpower usa board, but i have been going around giving the link out for the site. I have been to several concerts in the past 2 years, and these are pics of all of my concert experiences. Some Nevermore pics are added as well. Just please read my disclaimer before using any of them if you wish to do so. Thanks to the guys of nevermore for the great pics too.

will do, progpower 5 is in a little more than a month, you had better believe that they will go on there. And if i can convince Bill Owen to let me put all of his bands stuff on there (purgatory, inner sanctum, unearthed) then i will add about another 50 pics.