My Curse by Killswitch Engage - Full cover


Jul 6, 2014
Cardiff, UK
Hi guys, just wanted to share my latest project.

Live drums were recorded about 6 months ago when I recorded the drums for my album, and I only just got round to actually finishing this one.

Drums are live with some editing and sample reinforcement.
Bass recorded with an Ibanez SR305 through a DI.
Guitars are quad tracked using an Ibanez RG2570Z Prestige with a Crunch Lab in the bridge, and a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with an EMG 81. Both recorded through a Peavey 6505, Marshall 1960AV and a 57. Tube Screamer and Noise Suppressor used as well.
Vocals taken from the original stem that was made available with Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

Any feedback is welcome, enjoy:

If you guys like this I may sort out stems, although bear in mind the guitars were not done with DI/reamp, so all I would be able to provide is the miked track from my amp.
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