My state sucks, sort of.


Knowledge is Pain
Aug 21, 2007
You know what really sucks? When you live in Wisconsin and hear a band is doing a nationwide tour and the closest venue they play at is Chicago or Minneapolis. Oh well, could be worse, right? I could be living in Alaska or Hawaii. Well Hawaii wouldn't be so bad out on the white, sandy, bikini-filled beaches.

Hopefully I'll be somewhere with a good music scene when I graduate in the spring. Granted, San Antonio is better than Wisconsin as far as music scenes go, unless somehow you've finally developed sentient cheddar and it's starting to form Napalm Death cover bands, but I know the feeling. As much as I don't want to be anywhere near California, breathing the same air as the loons who actually thought Schwarzenegger would be a good governor, I could wind up somewhere there for grad school if things go well.

Not all of California has a great music scene either. We are just an hour and a half north of LA and the scene here sucks. We have to drive to LA to see any large bands, even good friends of ours.

And not all of us thought Arnold would be a good idea...