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Sep 5, 2001
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Here is my top 10:

In The Woods - Heart Of The Ages
Sear Bliss - The Pagan Winter
Arcturus - La Masquerade Infernale
Limbonic Art - Abhorrence Dementia
Summoning - Stronghold
Profanum - Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy
Sear Bliss - The Haunted
Anathema - Serenades
Empyrium - A Wintersunset
Tiamat - Wildhoney
Here is my top 10: (but for this time its hard to do one of all the times)

In The Woods - Omnio
Anathema - Eternity
Empyrium - Where at Night the wood grouse plays (i dont have the others)
Emperor - IX Equilibrium
Dimmu Borgir (Puritanical 10/10!!!!)
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Lacuna Coil - Lacuna Coil
Therion - Theli
Katatonia Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Theatre of Tragedy - Aegis
In the Woods... are incredible. I've got all the albums lying in a neat stack here, listening to HEart of the Ages right now. And Omnio is just brilliant... that's the only album I've had the time to really listen to so far.
I hear they're not the easiest stuff to get a hold of. I borrowed these cds from a friend of mine who's a collector. Took him four years to get 'A Return to the Isle of Men'.
Stating the obvious here, but right now I'm listening to She Is The Dark (MDB) and it's blown me away :D
WOW! These guys are so good. Must get more!
Originally posted by Useful Idiot
what are they like? any songs in particular I should check out?

Hmmm.... maybe a black metal version of Pink Floyd?? Hard to say. They have a strong atmospheric element, kind of doomy, a tinge of black metal (the early stuff actually WAS black metal). They are actually alot like a mellower version of Opeth, in terms of the guitar parts- both guitarists are often playing completely different things at the same time, it's very melodic, and very progressive, you often have no idea where the song is going. Also, they tend to compose ALBUMS rather than SONGS- you need to take all the songs on a cd together. Oh, and apart from their first album (HEart of ages), it's all clean vocals (very cool vocals they are too).
For songs to check out, try:
"I am your flesh" from 'Omnio' (the first song I heard).
"Generally more worried than married" from 'Strange in Stereo'
"Closing in" from 'Strange in stereo'
"Seed of Sound" from '3 times 7 on a pilgrimage'
"299,796 km/s" from 'Omnio'
These are probably their most accessable songs, and represent all the aspects of the band (some heavy parts, but very laid back. 'Laid back' may be the wrong term to use, but you'll know what I mean when you hear them). I can't recommend anything off 'HEart..' because I haven't been able to find a copy yet.

In The Woods utterly rule!:eek:
Yes they had a big goodbye-concert thingy in Norway somewhere earlier this year or last year. At least they quit while they were on top.