Myrkskog - Superior Massacre


Aug 27, 2002
In Hell
Myrkskog - Superior Massacre
Candlelight Records 2002


If you haven't found your killer death release this year or if you simply don't like the melodic death style, then the new Myrkskog album is for you! These Norwegian guys already showed the world two years ago with Deathmachine how to make brutal death metal full of aggression.

Their new masterpiece is a half hour long, uncompromising death metal album. Not really complex and technical but fast enough to wreck your neck if you try to headbang to their music. (I really dont know what the lyrics of Bleeding Wrists are about but the theme might be the state of their own wrists after a live performance?.) If you like Zyklon's World ov Worms album than you may like Myrskog's as well. Not just because of the guitarist-vocalist Destructhor but because they play as agressively and brutaly as Zyklon. It's true that there are not as many variations as Zyklon, and Zyklon is more black metal inspired, but in the 'who is the faster' competition you couldn't choose easily. Basicly there are two types of songs on the album, fast and faster. This fast, brutal noise tears the human being who started to listen to it into little pieces. Sechtdamon is the fastest drummer I've heard lately, his double kicks, beats - or whatever is he doing behind his kits - are incredible (I wonder how many arms and legs he has). Non-stop pulsating drum hammerings, killer riffings and gluttural growlings make this album a Superior Massacre.
After the first few hearings you might find this album boring, but there are some songs worthy of more attention. In songs like 'Trapped in Torment', 'Indisposable Deaths', 'Blood Ejaculation' and 'Utter Human Murder' you can find some really heavy thrash riffs and some slower parts that give you seconds to catch your breath but of course they turn into brutal madness again. What's more, 'Trapped in Torment' and 'Over The Gore' have a touch of black metal, reminding me rather the Satyricon's Rebel Extravaganza, but only in hints. After a few hearings you can separete the songs from each other out of the mass of noise and you will find all of them have their own character. Of course, to really enjoy this album you should be familiar with the brutal death metal sound and you must like brutal, chaotic music. This is the strongest album I've heard this year.
Lastly, if this isn't clear already, turn the volume up all the way.... and listen to the screaming sound in the outro real loud. Don't let yourself be deranged, and be careful not to destroy anything around you while you are listening to Superior Massacre.

Stand out tracks are the following: 'Trapped in Torment', 'Blood Ejaculation', 'Utter Human Murder', 'Indisposable Deaths' and 'Over The Gore'.

01. Intro
02. Domain of the Superior
03. Detain the Skin
04. Trapped in Torment
05. Indisposable Deaths
06. Over the Gore
07. Blood Ejaculation
08. Utter Human Muder
09. Bleeding Wrists
10. Outro

Total playing time 33:25

Candlelight Records

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