Necro Leaves SOTU


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Jul 19, 2007
Necro Leaves Sounds Of Underground
2007-07-26 11:41:05.183,
Story by: Sam Duke

Brooklyn rapper Necro (real name Ron Braunstein) has departed from his slot on this summer's Sounds Of The Underground Tour, citing a lack of enthusiasm from the tour's metal-loving crowd for the rapper's own morbid flavor of hip-hop. In a statement, the rapper claims that he was "facing hostile, disrespectful crowds and was returning the same energy back tenfold," before repeatedly identifying his hecklers as "emo kids" who are "so close-minded." In the face of the animosity, Necro asserts that he stood tall and was never booed off-stage during any of his 25-minute sets.

Despite Necro's copious use of classic metal samples and characteristically graphic lyrics, the billing on the tour still seemed like an odd one. While rap-metal certainly worked at Ozzfest for a couple of years (though we're certainly glad that's behind us) the SOTUG tour features a bill boasting the likes of Gwar, Every Time I Die, Amon Amarth and Job For A Cowboy—not exactly a lineup that screams hip-hop.
I was at the Toronto SOTU show and it was a definite mind-fuck for all of us when he came on. Too bad they didn't leave SOTU before I went.
I'll be honest, and say I'm not particularly digging it.... but the idea isn't bad. His vocal style just doesn't suit me. I had a friend do something similar way back when... for a long haired white boy, that dude could rap, and the guy doing the programming could make some nasty stuff. Then they got bored and went back to playing metal. Too bad they could never put down the bong long enough to actually do the legwork, they had/have some serious musical talent.
What was a rapper doing at a metal festival in the first place?
Isn't it obvious that he would just get booed off?
i just have to say that
i saw him and i didnt boo him because im close minded
i booed him cause he acted like an asshole and he was a shitty rapper
no one liked him, glad he left the tour
not that it was a great tour anyway:erk:
so anyway, as I was browsing cable channels I stopped momentarily on VH1 which had a show called "100 most wanted bodies" hour 3, 40-61 or something rather and as they were showing Lucy Loue's body/segment AA's Pursuit of Vikings was in the background

they I mean the label ;) better fuckin' get some money for their music being used on mainstream station