Nevemore News

More DHIADW bashing:

It's great to see them returning to less simplistic songwriting.

And I hope it will sound a bit more multi-layered production-wise.
Sneaps productions are absolutely flawless and all, but sound a bit sterile at times IMO.
Comparing the TESTAMENT re-recordings to the the original songs proves my point. But it's just my personal taste I guess.

And again the bashing continues: I will love the new release if it will be pointing back to the Politics of Ecstasy era as that happens to be my favorite!!!:devil:
I love the DNB and DHIADW! but i can´t say which one i love more ...
both are very complex stuff .. had to listen over and over again until i could sort out the goodies :)
Today it gets even more difficult to find such complex sound - imo
Nevermore gets better with every album they do; therefore I FOR SURE AS HELL WILL LOVE THE NEXT ONE MOST *hehe*