Nevermore Set List on the Current Tour


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Oct 3, 2001
Does anybody know Nevermore's set list for thecurrent tour (Dead Heart In A Dead World) as a headliner?
I REEEEALLY need this!!!!

I have seen them twice as a headliner, and twice as an opener on this tour. They kicked massive quantities of ass all 4 times. As a headliner, they played the following:

We Disintegrate
Inside Four Walls
Evolution 169
The River Dragon Has Come
The Heart Collector
Engines of Hate
The Sound of Silence
Believe in Nothing
Dead Heart, in a Dead World
Seven Tongues of God
This Sacrament
Next in Line
Beyond Within
The Fault of Flesh

Here is the set list from the show in Toronto on the 25th of October.

-We Desintegrate
-Inside Four Walls
-The River Dragon Has Come
-The Heart Collector
-Engines of Hate
-The Sound of Silence
-Dead Heart in a Dead World
-Beyond Within
-the first bit of Politics of Ecstacy
-Next in Line
-This Sacrement
-The Seven Tongues of God
-Silent Hedges/Double Dare
-White Rabbit

That was in no particular order. I thought it was a pretty good se list and a pretty good show too, even though someone else from this board said it wasn't too great. I liked it because Warrel got right in my face with the mic during Dead Heart in a Dead World so it was like I was singing with him and that was amazing.
Well, I hope that helped you.

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