New BACKMASK Preview

Nice! I like it. I got Dark Fiber. But I also have a 5 song demo done in like 2005. That is when I first heard Backmask. I love how you got with Dark Fiber though. But that 5 song demo was not that bad. Just more rock.
Also! What about the Arrival Demo. I saw it was removed from the site... I hadn't been there in like 2 years.
The 5 song EP in 2005 was from a previous period of the band where we were working with a pop / ex-Nashville producer and trying to sign to a major label. For a variety of reasons, I'm thankful that never happened, and those songs have been retired.

I'm not sure what will happen with "Arrival" when it comes time to put together the track listing for the album. For a variety of reasons I would want to finalize the mix and redo the rhythm guitars to match the rest of the new material (Ran 7 string vs. Schecter.) It is actually still on our SoundCloud page though:

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I'd also like to say I'm sorry for the lack of updates and new material. It's really slow going right now, and likely will continue to be slow going for the next 2 years or so as I put most of my focus into my software business. Eric and I are continuing to write and record when we have time (usually about once a month or so.)