New black metal song

anyone? If you don't feel like typing a lot at least let me know if the song sucks or not:p I'll love you forever if you offer suggestions though:headbang:
listening to the new song you are working on
not really a fan of songs that fade in like that, the melody and harmony is nice though
drums are ok
1:23 when you start the fast picking highlights that your guitar sound needs a bit of work, you need a bit more gain I think
It may be better with bass guitar cause at 1:50 when the synth comes back in it fills out a bit

Just looking at the winamp meters for reference, only the first 4 or 5 bars light up, so theres a lot of the frequency range not getting much use

does the right side guitar have more reverb? sounds a bit more 'epic' on that side, which suits black metal, If you are adding verb to that guitar seperately you might like to try sending both guitars to the same stereo reverb to glue them together a bit more

I like the break down at 4:25, the drums are filtered or something, good effect

one last thing you could try on guitars to 'blacken' them is to try compressing them and boosting with something like vintage warmer

hope my feedback helps!
thanks for your input. Both guitars had the same reverb to them. I don't know why the left one appears to have more. I'm retracking the guitars anyways so i'm not that concerned on how these guitars sound. You think I should add compression to the guitars? They were boosted with a tube amp plugin. I tried to give the drum part in the quiet section an industrial feel. Glad you liked it. I'll work on it some more and post the results.
I like the song but not the guitar sound. The entire mix sounds like it needs a boost of some sort. Like maybe with VintageWarmer or a little Ozone.
what do you mean a boost? Like louder or just a more full sound? Once I retrack the guitars i'll post it again.