new cracky snare for you (Alestorm Recordings)


HCAF crusher
Jul 2, 2006
Here are some samples from the Recordings I'm doing atm (Alestorm).

the snare is a Pearl free floating brass with a powerstroke3 (dot)....sm57, API preamps

OH: km184, API preamps

these are the raw tracks, not sliced, not processed or anything....processed samples might be following when I start mixing.

feel free to post your processed versions though

Alestorm Snare
How many dbs of high end do you useally push on raw snares? (sounds like a strange question this way hehe)

really depends.

not that much usually, I sometimes compress the bottom-mic extremely hard and gate it sidechained to the top-mic.....sometimes I'll just bus both mics to one group and process them together

usually zero to 6 dB, centered around 4k or 7k (differs from project to project).

I actually never boost more than 6dB on anything if I think about it