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Sep 26, 2001
Hey sorry for being ignorant but ( don't flame me )

I've heard alot of positive things about 'Nevermore', I'm just wondering, could you recommend some of there more popular 'hit' songs if you will.

Just looking for something to get me started.
Dude, start with Politics of Extacy. Then go with In Memory just for a twist, then go for S/T, then DNB, then the new one. YOu should get Believe in nothing single/ep, just for the Priest cover and All the Cowards Hide.

7 tongues of God(PoE)
This Sacrement(POE)
Tiananman Man(poe)
What Tomorrow KNows(S/T)
Beyond within(DNB)
Silent Hedges(IM)
The new cd is,,,,,,,alright

Those songs are great. So are the rest but,,,,,,
If you want to ease into Nevermore, go for songs like The River Dragon Has Come, Inside Four Walls, and The Heart Collector, all off the newest record, or the title track off of Dreaming Neon Black. Although I agree with ledmag that the songs he listed are some of their best, you may want to get used to Nevermore's sound first, which they make a bit more accessible with the their Dead Heart in a Dead World album.
You know what? I say start from the bottom and work your way up. Get Nevermore, then In Memory, then PoE, then DNB and then finally DHIADW. But if you don't want to, good songs to look for are Garden of Grey, The Sorrowed Man, Matricide, Next in Line, This Sacrament, Dreaming Neon Black, Beyond Within, The Heart Collector... they're all good!!! Just go buy all of them!!!
this really depends on what your into, if you like a newer type sound (7-string) then go for Dead Heart In a Dead World... if you like a heavy dark sound (opeth, if your into them), go for Dreaming Neon Black. If you are into heavy power thrash go for Politics of Ecstacy... Really all of Nevermore's stuff is great, it is just starting out and gettting into them that throws you for a loop. Either way you will probably become obssessed like me and many here... Nevermore are just too fucking good.
I'm with Wallet Boy-LSD's suggestion is interesting too.Narcosynthesis or Beyond Within could do for a heavier song-ballads are easier to get into but not enough to give you an idea about what Nevermore play.Anyway,if you like what you listen in the few songs that you'll download,go and get'em all-they don't have an album that's less than great.
oh and MarigoldInBloom...
welcome to the fall
Well thanks, you people certainly are nicer than some of the guys on the Opeth board but what can I say. You've got me started in a good direction, thanks again.