new guy


Jun 17, 2005
New Plymouth, New Zealand
Hey, i just registered. i had no idea about this forum, just happened to find it on some link off the Official Opeth site.

Im in a black metal band in NZ called black chalice, lead guitarist. i am a huge fan of opeth, they're very influential on my playing style. own nearly all there cd's and the dvd. cant wait for there next album :D .

i have a few very rough recordings (ripped from a camcorder video so the quality is poor :yuk: ), one is me playing the solo in Black Rose Immortal, and the other is me and my good friend Mariella just jamming (BRI again :loco: )

Well, i guess ill see you round the forum :headbang:
gag me with a fucking spoon please, profanity. 99% of what you post is meaningless and shorter than one line.

-Ea-, welcome to the forum. it's rather ironic that the first person to greet you was arguably the most annoying one you'll meet on UM.

to everyone: am i really the only one that thinks we should have a sticky intro thread?
well in my playlist atm is deathspell omega, dissection, windir, woods of ypres....thats as far as blackmetal anyway. other bands are acid bath, death, opeth of course lol. i have alot of music i just go through phases of what bands i like to listen to, except for opeth funnily enough
im from christchurch, waiting for the album, and what better be an australian tour for me to fly over and see em live....or in best case scenario, they stop in NZ for even one show, that would fucking rule