NEW iced earth sonG!

Heres the lyrics (or what people have worked out so far)

Iced Earth - Dracula

Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in destiny?
True love may come
only once in a thousand lifetimes

I too have loved
He took her from me
I prayed for her soul
I prayed for her peace

When I close my eyes
I see her face, it comforts me
When I close my eyes
memories cuts, like a knife

The Blood is the life
And Christ I defy
my sworn enemy

Is this my reward
For solving God's own wrong
The blood I've spilled
For faith fulfilled

To turn around disgrace
Just spit back in the face
I saw too loyally
And you spill blashphemy

I avenge with darkness
The blood is the life
the altar of the dragon
I feed on human life

there are far worse things
awaiting (...??..)when death comes
just when I have seen
I'm spreading my disease

I will feed upon his precious child
the human race will bleed
they will suffer me

repeat prechorus


I am the Dragon of blood
revealing this Prince of Hate
Denouncing God of his throne
My blood is forever stained

for too long thy shallow flesh
hiding by the creeping death(?)


repeat chorus 2 times
repeat afterchorus

Can anyone spot the blind guardian influence on this song?? I love the intro too...