New Member Wondering?


Jul 21, 2001
I am just wondering,is this forum free from metal boy bands like Limp(fuckin)bizkit.I have been on other metal forums where everybody wants to talk about these kinds of bands.Please tell me I have come to the right place.
Actually, I'd like to think that the people on this board are open-minded enough to accept any form of metal... obviously, no-one is going to share everyone else's tastes, but surely we're all mature enough to accept each other's opinions, right?
Anyway, welcome to the board... sir. :)
Well I could take the f word back but I think Fred Durst has earned that word.(HE IS THE ENEMY)
And of course is free to anyone to have his and hers taste in music,but I dont wanna waste my time discussing which singer in Linkin Park is the best,or which Slipknot mask looks the coolest.
I have a strong opinion about these metal boy bands and I really think they are raping the metal scene.
Its a little sad if a young teenager who wants to start listening to metal music thinks Limp Bizkit is the best the scene has to offer.
Hmmm... I can see your point - I myself personally think that Fred Durst is an egotistical, untalented twerp with zero lyric-writing ability and the good fortune to be surrounded by quite talented musicians (John Otto is a great drummer, while Wes Borland's guitar work is on the right side of adequate). However, don't write off all the so-called 'metal boy-bands' completely.
I listen to Cannibal Corpse, Nasum, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Katatonia, Opeth, and other bands at the more extreme end of the scene. I also listen the The Offspring, Blink-182, Less Than Jake and other ska/pop - punk bands. I can dig Faith No More and Mr Bungle, and I actually own all of Limp Bizkit's albums, Linkin Park's debut and Papa Roach's 'Infest' disc.
I consider the nu-metal/melodic/rap-rock bands to be an important stepping stone into 'proper' metal. Let's face it, if you take someone constantly surrounded by Backstreet Boys and N-Sync and make them listen to a Nile record, you're gonna put them off metal for life. So, introduce them to Linkin Park. Hook them with commercial rock first, and then slowly build up until they join the rest of us hardcore metalheads and bolster the underground metal scene!
Also, all bands have something to offer for someone. I still listen to my nu-metal and rap-rock records occasionally - sometimes, even the most dedicated death-metaller tires of blast-beats. :)
Maybe I am just to old.Feeling like a dad who dont understand what my son is doing.
Maybe we should talk about nu-metal two years from now.Like any trends they have a tendencie to fade away.
Like someone told me,the industry is to blame here.

Two years from now I still be here,complaining about something else.:mad: