New Music! Metalcore-ish. Thoughts on songwriting and mix?


The Apprentice
Hello folks!

Finally actually got involved in writing a song with a friend of mine and im super stoked about it. We are using a new approach to writing our music and I think it is definitely paying off. What do you think? The music is strongly influenced by Volumes and Fit For a King.

I think the mix is a pretty big improvement for me as well. Still not to sure about the bass though :erk:

So any critique, advice, or comments are very much appreciated! Thanks guys! Mix august 24.mp3

New mix Mix august 27.mp3

Vocals will hopefully be added soon :)
This sounds sick man! I like it! Bass guitar sounds huge!

As far as critique goes, guitars sound a little boxy, what are you using for them?

The drums are probably the weakest part. Don't sound bad at all, but I'd say that the kick could come down just a touch and the cymbals are also pretty overpowering. The toms also don't have much body to them, quite hard to distinguish them from the kick drum.

Hope that helps, all these are mostly just taste things anyway, nice work overall dude! :)
Thanks man I'm glad you like it! And I appreciate the feedback! The guitar chain is spl attacker > tse 808 > x50 > reaEQ > bootsyEQ. Then I have C4 and CLA - 76 on the guitar bus. I might be overdoing the compression. I have a pretty wide boost on the guitars around 4k and a slight dip around 750hz. An tips to make them a little less boxy?
And thanks for pointing that out about the drums, I'll do some work on them and balance them better