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Thanks for the suggestions. Both bands are pretty cool, I wouldn't personally find a lot of similarities with Novembre, but that doesn't make them any worst. :)

AntZor: That song from Room with a View is brilliant. You made me so nostalgic listening to it after all these years...
Just letting anyone know, if you want to listen to Room with a View - "Collecting shells at lighthouse hill" it is available from spotify. So I've been listening to it and it sure as hell sounds a lot better than what it did back then, presumably because I do enjoy katatonia beyond "Viva Emptiness" now as well. :)
WOW.. this thread contains some awesome music!! All that's missing is some new NOVEMBRE STUFF!! Any news?
Anyways... got some more stuff to add!

You guys must check out ALCEST and LES DISCRETS.. amazing french black shoegazey type stuff, i find it quite similar to the dreaminess of Novembre.
Also a band called Falloch for anyone who is a fan of Agalloch

And lastly, Pilgrim have a new song out which is extremely Novembre-like in parts!

I have listened arctic plateau - the enemy inside. Great song, great vocals by carmelo :) i hope novembre will enter studio soon, i miss them so much :(
Another similar band from Italy, L'Alba di Morrigan : [ame][/ame]
They've just released a debut album on March 2012 called The Essence Remains. Listening to the preview, it looks like they often put some Novembre's or Katatonia's cd on their stereo at least once in their life ;)

Would anybody agree that this has some Novembre touch too? for them(in, it's tagged as experimental, avant-garde, guitar virtuoso etc, but to me it sound familiar, and expected, and like a bit lighter version of Novembre music.(I haven't heard much guitar virtuoso though, quite negligible)
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Buckethead is an extremely famous guitar virtuoso, he is known for playing shows with a kfc bucket on his head. I think his melodies in this song cause this magnetic field of dreamy/nostalgic emotions, which is what Novembre pulls off in most of their songs. Thanks for sharing it, it's a brilliant song indeed!

Also thanks for sharing the tidbit on Arctic Plateau; I've posted it to the facebook page already! I'm also curious to hear the album of L'alba morrigan, I've added it to a playlist on spotify so will be listening to it next.

For those of you who didn't yet, please join us on Facebook, look up the page "Novembre Fans" and like us. You are very welcome to share good quality music, preferrably the kind that reminds of Novembre!
Just my 2 cents on L'alba Morrigan: The band is great, but... they sound way too much like katatonia in some of the songs. At times they are so closed that I thought I was listening to one of their covers, and that, unfortunately, is quite annoying. However, when they manage to sound like l'alba morrigan they sound great! I hope they embrace their own talent and try not be spin-offs of Katatonia!
Just checking back after a long absence - do Novembre actually still exist? It's not that I'm grinding my teeth, but it surely would be nice to hear something new. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy this fabulous fan-made video I'm sure you all are familiar with:
I just found this on the FB page of The Foreshadowing:

We communicate that our drummer Jonah Padella can’t take part to the upcoming live dates, he will be replaced by longtime friend Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Airlines of Terror).


if you don't know this band check it out.
And this one is not similar to Novembre, but associated with the musician, and awesome, constantly gets better with time
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