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Jan 3, 2003
Hey guys... is anyone still alive in here? Well i got a letter in the post from Carmello with my copy of Arte Novecento saying that they are hoping to get back into the studio later this year!

" The album; well I can only say expect something by next spring!! "

from the email :headbang:

To tire you over in the meantime give this band a listen... Pilgrim from Sydney, Australia. Heavily influenced by Novembre, Agalloch, Opeth, Anathema, etc.
Hey el Darko,

Loving the stuff by Pilgrim, very raw emotion and can hear that melodic influence of Novembre's stuff as well as the lead and acouticy folk sound of agalloch... very cool. Thanks again!
OMG - this is seriously the best news I have heard in a reeeally long time and to prove it I made an account just to say this!! GAH!!
I'm just like Silence--made an account just to say this is great news. You say you got a letter from Carmelo in the mail...does the guy have Facebook? Twitter? I've been scrounging the internet looking for some way to directly contact him, to tell him thanks for the best music I've heard in a long time, and if he can get the backing in any way, *PLEASE* come to the States! We're dying for some good music here!
Hey guys...
I got the email from him cos i contacted the band via their website regarding merch and shipping as im in Australia and the reply was signed C. Orlando :)
I CANT WAIT for the new album too! I wish they would stay in contact and let us know more about whats going on!!!

Check this band out guys im sure you will be impressed! Massive Novembre worship going down haha


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Thanks for the news. I personally would rather not see them though. We all know how Novembre release dates are prone to shift. Being a little negative can be helpful to get rid of the anxiety.

Pilgrim is great. I wouldn't say they remind me of Novembre, they sound like they run in their own category. However, some vocal bits reminded me of Room with a view (another italian band mentioned in this forum a few times)
Weird that there hasn't been any news in a while, I thought they were slowly gaining a bit more attention/touring opportunities with each new release.
Sorry, I'm afraid I have no idea either. I happen to have suffered a major disk crash back in 2008 and lost about 40gb worth of mp3s and videos (including all rarities from Novembre live...)
You have some AWESOME taste in music... just checked out En Declin and they are amazing! love them, very similar to some of Klimt 1918's work (Who i believe you got me into years ago as well). Any more music in this type of style you could recommend? I just recently started listening to Immanu El and they are brilliant if you havent checked them out yet...
Thanks so much!
- Mj
Wow, that was a massive cumpliment, thanks Mj! I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Some bands I'd recommend, some of which you may already know:

* Proyecto Postumo -- not sure if they exist in a format other than youtube, I only found them there. Here's my youtube playlist -- quite possibly the closest thing to Novembre, sometimes a bit of a declared rip off.
* Allucard - e.g, this they are a bit gothic, which I don't particularly like but there are some harmonies that remind of Novembre.
* Vertigo Steps -- fantastic band from my home country. My Playlist
* Nahemah - just found out about this band today, so can't say much. It's sounding pretty cool as far as youtube videos, etc.
* Arctic Plateau is quite similar to new school klimt
* Graviton - the album "Massless", which I believe is their only released album is fantastic. The band challenges classification, to be honest.
* Meniscus - Absense of I
* Cormorant

Non-metal bands:
* Mew
* Arms and Sleepers
* Downy (The song Zen)

Hope it gets you busy for a while! :)
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Nahemah is right in between Klimt 1918 and Novembre... I totally love their sound/songs; whether they will be able to stand the test of time like Novembre and Klimt 1918, is a slightly different story I feel like starting a band right about ... now. :headbang:

Now playing: Nahemah - Siamese
And Pilgrim does it again. Great cover from a great song that I'd wish I could sing myself :)
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