new Opeth reviews


May 29, 2001
upstate NY
For those interested, I've written two Opeth reviews (one concert, one of BLACKWATER PARK) for my column at

This is a general forum online music magazine with a slant toward hard rock/heavy metal, so be sure to spend some time checking it out and reading about your favorite artists.

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On a different note, if someone could tell me where I can get a XL concert shirt w/the BLACKWATER PARK artwork on it I'd appreciate the help.


Chris Lawless
Chris is one of my more professional, indepth reviewers. We have one other "Blackwater Park" review up by Deron Blevins from

Deron writes more from an excitable fan perspective than a professional music critic like Chris. Deron's review may be off the wall, but he's entertaining, none the less.

Wes, Editor