New Overkill is fantastic!

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Dec 8, 2001
St.Paul, MN
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I have been a fan of them for 12 years now, and as a longtime fan I've got to say that their new album is second only to Horrorscope for me. It probably isn't going to gain them any new fans, but if you are a fan already, you have to get this album. Easily the best album I have heard out of them since 1991 and the best this year by far in my opinion! My three favorites so far are Unholy, Struck Down, and Crystal Clear and I hope to hear them live April 7th!
creepindeath66 said:
If it's better than Years of Decay it must be really good!!!!

With songs like "Unholy" and "Crystal Clear" I'd have to say it is better. Then again, that's just my opinion. You might not think so, but I can guarantee any Overkill fan is going to eat this shit up!