Newbie here. Random thoughts roam my mind...


Dead Inside
Oct 3, 2001
Hi everybody,

This is my first post on this promising board. Too many times boards around the web are full of trolls making useless posts or people bashing you for no apparent reason. I keep good distance from those boards and when I want to post somewhere I keep an eye on the forum to see if it's worth. And this one seems pretty neat.

My fave band at the moment is Dark Tranquillity. I also love other bands such as Anathema, Katatonia, At The Gates, Emperor, etc. It's good to see people here are very open-minded. Outside Metal I appreciate Slowdive, Swans, Dead Kennedy's and loads of stuff.

Nothing more to add from my side. Cheers.
Melancholia is a troll! :eek: *shuts mouth* :D

(aw come it sais it above her avatar....)

Welcome tot he board man, yep this board kicks ass, just evenly populated, not overly active, very open minded people as well. Enjoy!
Hey, hey, one second. It's chupi to post threads to introduce you, but tell to your friends that kind of thread are useless!! Everyone that enters here must post a new thread to introduce himself? You're welcome, Daniel (good name!) but STOP beginning absurd threads like this!! You should to demonstrate you're clever, so post answers and comments in other threads, man.
yeap, I think somebody should start some "Hey I'm a Newbie" thread so every newbie could introduce he/her to the rest instead of ourselves hanging on all this introducing threads, this would be easy for everybody.
welcome to you too, and welcome to everybody who is about to begin a thread saying he/she is new here too :loco:
i'm getting slightly confused... i'm not new here, do i have to post a thread specifically to tell you or do i join the collective "if you're not new <---- post here"? ;)

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Okie,I'm the troll of the forum = ) During daytime I look like a normal (?) human being though...
Welcome on board! :)

damn this is my 666th post and i wanted it to be EVIL,but shit happens anyway :p

Well, excuse me if I ofended you in any way, but I don't think an introductory post is that bad. It all depens on one's opinion, just like there is people who find playlist/NP posts useless for example. Maybe it's just me. I used to post on Full Moon Productions forum and it got to a point where it was unbearable. You'd always get bashed for almost everything you said. I feel right at home here.
Hello, Daniel! And welcome into this fine & obscure fellowship. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

-Villain (the one not bothered about introductory posts)
I do have the cd but it's never done much for me. It kind of becomes background music. Maybe I should try it again.
Mysticum *satanic thought crosses her sleepymind* hehe These guys must be total junkies hehe
Anyway they have only released an album so far (the other will be released when they will come out from the rehabilitation centre- :devil:- nice statement,but what the fuck? are they still in there? :p )
Mysticum hail from Oslo and play (what else?) Black Metal,but what is special about them is the fact that they combine their typical BM with a lot of electronical beats and sounds.I don't know if beats and sounds is the correct word,but sorry i don't know how to define them,since my only connection to such electronic sounds is Diary of Dreams,Ulver and Dodheimsgard.
The result is a very heavy but still groovy sound. Let's say that the play a less primature/less complicated kind of electonic/industrial-BM than Dodheimsgard in "International 666" do. Actually when Mysticum started their beaty Black Metal,Dodheimsgard where still playing typicalBM.

I am not claiming that Mysticum's "In the streams of Inferno" is a masterpiece or sth,but I enjoy this album a lot and also find it coll that mysticum probably where the ones who started this electronizedBM...

and btw,the have also done a split 7" with Ulver...
what is it with BM bands that nearly all of them want to be bad, evil, and piss black???
I mean, can't you just do the music and look like a normal person and not as if you were a zombie??
I've read an Arkanus Infaustus (or something like that) interview and they said that they were so evil, that they could not do it otherwise they woulb be straight in prison. I mean, you can play BM and still don't want to kill everybody in 300 km round!!!
(or that's what I've hear :loco: )