News from Das Germany


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Jul 24, 2006
2nd august
Vamonos cabrones, donde esta la playa? Time to do some work right? "Ska vi duscha först"? Well, greatings from fucking Germany, it's Wacken soon and i am going there for the day. Maybe i hook up with the northen girls on friday and see Nevermore together with them? Should i say hello from you Noumenon? Going to Slitzenshaizerburg to get my one-day pass to Wacken (if there is any left) in the headquarters of the Rec. Company. "Big Boss" says hi to you guys and see forward to hear new stuff, like the new songs that we are doing... he likes "meckig-speed" so i think we can do something in this area? I feel confortable here, but everything is fucked up anyways, people are good but the system (system!) are totaly upp side down. But i enjoy drinking beer freely on the streets, busses and subways. Today we did our fotosecion and you cant believe it! 500 fotos was taken and we just need 5! God damn i sad to my self after almoust 4 hours standing like a mad indian waiting for fire-water. But todays best was our roadie-driver. He is the craziest person i ever meet! He is cool but very intensiv and we drank a lot but he was worst! And without driknig! :kickass: Later tommorow we will try to do the final work with the labelprint. I can already let you know a secret that the single is in work and will soon be out! Now it's time for me to gte some sleep cause tomorrow i must practice with my bassguitar some hours to catch up. Take care my friends and we see you soon again! Miss you guys!:headbang:
You better go and see nevermore. Give Evelina a call, I think her mobile should work in germany.Not sure though.

Good luck over there!

BTW. just so you know, Erik does the vocals/bass in the band undercroft too. Hence the trip to germany.
Todays bravure was training some new songs with Undercroft and trying to get a hold on the buzzy Big Boss at the record company. No tickets seems to be avaliable cause its seems to be late and unpossible to get a hold on Das Boss. So i went to buy some beers and try to put some new tranlations and learn to pronunce the voices at the tv with no luck. Later came Mister Tomate that plays guitar in Undercroft and we drank more beer and looked at some details that i missed during my practice. I must say, this is the hardest thing that i have done. Singing ok, no probs. Playing ok, a little of sweat and blisters. But playing it togheter is like listening to Meshuggah and reading Shakespear. You will get punched in the brain! Now im prepering some lyrics and writing my thanxlist to the record. Do you think i remember all the crazy german names that held my cables, did my makeup and cleaned my ass? *joking*. But i realized that there is more people that you can imagine behind all around a band... Well, i will thank Germany for the good beer! hehehe!
And for a wile ago i recived some fotos that where chosen between almoust 500. I look goooooooood (as Jim Carrey pronounce it) *lol* Normaly i cant be normal on the pictures that are taken with me on. But Axel Jusseit was great putting me right in front of the camera. It is a honor to have worked with him! Check out some of his "lisnlusar" at: :worship:
Well, my beer is finished and i must go to sleep so i can work more tomorrow and get new blisters...
Good night sweethearts, it's time to go...

P.S. Does anyone where i can buy "snus"? Going crazy soon....