Aug 26, 2007
Perth, Western Australia
Since my band situation changed and I've gone back to bass, spent a wad of the money I was using for studio gear on the bass instead so couldn't get everything at once today, waiting on a couple of my guitars to sell to pick up the rest of my gear.

Today however, grabbed the Mackie Onyx 800r, pair of Adam A5's and a pair of Rode NT55 condensers.




Still to come are an M-Audio Axiom 61, Gator rack case, keyboard stand, mic stands, mic leads, multicore, Audix DP5-a set, SE Reflexion filter and a Shure SM7b.

Once I have my bass rig and all the gear mentioned above shall post a big family shot ;)
What do you think of the A5's dude? I'm really curious about 'em...

Excellent speakers, have instantly pinpointed everything wrong with my mixes after firing them up, changes made with them translate well to other systems also. Bass response does seem to go well below the rated 55hz but of course being a 5.5" speaker don't expect huge bass ;)

I'm thinking about buying another pair or a pair of A7's for when I move all this gear into the studio just so I can listen with them at home.

Does that Reflection Filter do any good? Most of the things I've read give me the impression that it's garbage and you can build infinitely more effective DIY solutions for WAY less money...

Only given it a rudimentary run but it seems to be extremely effective, makes my horrible completely untreated bedroom sound like a well treated vocal booth :)