Nick Crow Lab "8505_Lead" v.1.2 for Win and Mac VST & AU (FREE)


Sep 3, 2007
GUI by Requietus

"8505_Lead" - tube guitar amplifier emulation plug-in for Windows (VST 32 and 64-bit) and Mac OS X (VST and AU 32 and 64-bit).

New in version 1.2
- Mac OS X compatibility added.
- Two channels (stereo mode to be able to handle double tracks). Each channel is activated when there is a signal at its input, which saves CPU resources.


Coded in C++ within the WDL-OL framework
I dont care what others say but to me this is the best ampsim out there. There is something in 8505 that sounds more "organic" than the others. Still use it every time I mix. Thanks man.
Nick, thanks a lot !
A stereo version of your 8505 will be very useful.
Are there any changes / additions in sound in regard to the older version, or is it the same exact code ?
Any body care to suggest the best IR for this sim? For metal mostly if possible.
I have a project coming up I have to use a sim for so looking for the best options.
Clark Kent's Perfect IR is pretty cool imho and there was a pack of Harley Benton V30 impulses around
that featured one IR called sneap or something like that, really digging that one.

If you want them Nigel, just hit me up on Facebook.