No Bonus track for the European edition!!!

cuz they think "Japan rules, etc...", and they go to Japan in most cases!!! perpetually Japan...allways Japan... And who cares Europe?.... Fuck ya!
Records in Japan, Korea etc are in many cases extremely expensive and the crowd in these countries usually needs a little extra to even consider buying the albums - unless they're really in to the band of course. But in general, it's harder for a band to get attention in this large market if you can't offer something extra. Atleast that's the explanation I've heard from a number of places...
bodomite said:
thats why i got the spinefarm first print and the japan ed

Hell, I'm not gonna give a lot of money for the Jap edition and the Finn edition doesn't have the Ramones cover. Anyway, the Ramones cover was supposed to be the bonus for the European edition(one bonus track for each version: one for Finland, one for Japan and one for Europe) and in the end Japan got 2 instead of one and the European edition got ziltch :( Since there isn't a limited edition with a bonus track, ppl will buy the album in the next months and will not rush to buy it(coz it's not a lim.ed.).
Yeah, but u must have money to afford that costs... And thats the pitty, I think that Ill spend some 6$ on a cassette edit. from Metal Minds Production or from Nuclear if it will be the only one in Poland...