Novembre cover corner

erm...they have good intentions but honestly i don't like the resul so much ^^"

I kinda can understand what you say, but in my opinion, I honestly think these kids are doing a great job. I've heard some worse performances of Novembre before, and I don't think the end result is that bad. Plus, it's not all the times that you hear someone doing a cover of Novembre, so I think we, as the band fans, should support these attempts as well. :)

Its the Italian band that shares our band name!

Maybe we should do a Novembre cover, we talked about it but couldn't decide on which one :( There is too many awesome ones. Maybe flower actually.
Hi! I decided to play this song because I felt is one of the easiest from Novembre. But I still suck at playing this masterpiece. Anyway, here it is my try:

me playing Dream of The Old Boats:

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Hi Ligia!

Excellent choice of song. Can't hear it right now, but will hear tomorrow and will post what I think of it. I will also post here a clip of me playing bits of Novembre songs on guitar, as I just bought a few equipment for my home-studio!

Glad you're still alive and posting around here!
it's ages i don't hold my bass guitar, your video made me think of it. I got the tablature of dreams but i never really tried to play it, unfortunately i sucks playing but i think i'll give it another try :D any chance someone here have a bass tablature for Bluecracy?