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You usually have to go to the Opeth forum to find so many terrible opinions in so few sentences.

There's positive feedback just when I needed it. My day was going to end in devastation but big-hearted Rust never sleeps, thnx.

Atrox - Second Hand Traumas or anything that sounds presentably teen
Crystalic *noticing that great moment of bass* the man has listened to all of the weather reports, atheists and cynics in the passing.
I still think I'm going temporarily deff, or maybe it's the fever.
Les Ékorchés - Haine
Pretty scary necroleprosypedophilicshit. Suspiciously catchy guitar and cello. This is Shit.:headbang:

Blind Illusion - The Sane Asylum C-cassette:loco: :lol:
Rapture - Futile 2000\08-rapture-about_leaving-gB.mp3

oure gold this is. 3 minutes of diamonds in the end..
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie - Heroines
almost made my eaz bleed honey

Although that flabby apatheticnes suits them and they save it towards the end, somehow a bit feeble, runny.

Johnny La Marama - Gimme your räbäm!
A new Crimson Lotus pre-mix song. I just sang this last weekend, turned out quite good. Just a single song tough, the one that was dropped out from the previous EP.
Pornorphans. Oh dear. I saw them live supporting Katatonia, and they were gods-awful. At one point the vocalist tripped over her mic lead, but tried to make it look like some kind of weird dance move. I larfed. Also, they played after Daylight Dies, which was just Not On.