O/T: CFL predictions


Dec 6, 2001
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For any Canadian Football League fans (are there any on this board besides me? :lol: )...

If you are interested in making the season a bit more interesting, there is a prediction pool at http://www.brule.ca/ where you can show off your knowledge of this less talented but more exciting brand of football, Canadian style. It's free to enter the pool, but alas the only prize is bragging rights... :D

Go Esks Go!!!
I know I may have a slight bias here :) but if you haven't watched a CFL game, you're really missing out. For hard core NFL fans, the rule differences take a little bit of getting used to, but I find the CFL a much more exciting game. Granted, the smaller markets make for less talented players (a lot of them have to take other jobs in the off-season to supplement their salaries, though there are a few stars...until they make a break for the bigger bucks in the NFL), but the rules make for a wide open, faster paced game.

Check it out if you get a chance!
Originally posted by augdawg2
I will check it out, sounds cool! I do know that Warren Moon and Doug Flutie were unstoppable in the league.
Yeah, they were two of the more memorable exports. A QB who can run makes a huge difference on the bigger field, and these two excelled because of that. Typical NFL QB's that have a style of dropping back in to the pocket and not being able to run tend not to do as well in the CFL.

Flutie always did well in the regular season, but had a tendancy to choke in the playoffs, a label that he didn't manage to shake until the last couple of seasons. I guess it took him a while to adapt to playing playoff games during blizzards :lol:
Seriously, Mike Pringle is the best RB in the league and the ALS will prevail in the east... In the west, Blue Bombers could finish first...

Grey Cup winners: Alouettes

Pretty simple eh?

Yeah, the new division alignment will work out well for the Als, with the Ticats being their only real opposition. However, the West got a whole lot tougher with the Bombers, Lions, Stamps, and Eskies all potential contenders.

It's gonna be tough for my Eskies to make it out of the West, it depends on how much Jay Maas has matured at QB. I'm glad they finally decided to dump Greene...he's been excess baggage for the past two years.
Holy crap! THREE Canadians on this board!?! We're taking over! :lol:

Seriously, I think it will be a team from the Western Division taking the Grey Cup this year. I'd love to see Edmonton do it, especially since their hosting it, but I'd probably put my money on Calgary or Winnipeg.
Calvillo has injured himself late in the 4th period against the Argos... Lawrence Phillips a.k.a. The biggest asshole in CFL :), is injured too... But, I'll still root for the Als since they have what I believe is the most exciting team to watch in CFL : Ben Cahoon, Pat Woodcock (hihihi), Keith Stokes... etc..

I'm glad that the Bombers didn't pass just because of what Dave Ritchie told in comparing Winnipeg's QB Khari Jones with the Als QB Calvillo: "Calvillo couldn't hold Jones's jockstrap when it comes to their throwing arms".... hehehe could've made for a fun filled final...

And, yes, soon the Canadians will take over this board! All hail Canada! :)

Should still be an interesting match-up, what with Matthews having been fired from the Esks last year, and the fact that the Als and Esks are renewing a classic Grey Cup rivalry.

And I wouldn't be too sure, Matt, if Avery is healthy, the Esks have a lot of fire power, and their D came up huge against the Bombers, not to mention home-field advantage and 60,000 screaming fans. As long as Higgins idiotic coaching (taking a knee on 1st and goal when you're only up by 2!?!) and Fleming's bonehead kicking don't play a huge factor.

It's going to be a great game, as always!
I'm thinking this is one of those things you need digital cable or satellite for?? I've never seen or heard of it on cable, unless it's on ESPN at 3 in the morning between the usual 12 Sportscenters, in which case I'll have plenty of chances to see it pretty soon...