Of Stone, Wind and Pillor...


Leaves of Autumn
May 25, 2001
Well, I wonder if anyone has bought Agalloch's new album (Of Stone, Wind and Pillor) yet. I'm thinking about buying it, but it would be nice to know some of your opinions about it before buying the album.
Since I've bought Pale Folklore, Agalloch has one of the top places among my favourite metal bands. Some of their songs could be a little bit shorter, but they have no other disadvantages for me.

What is it that you don't like about the band?
Yeah, I'd really like to hear something about this cd! I absolutely love Agalloch! They're definitely in my top 10 favorite bands. Pale Folklore was brilliant. In various parts I feel their music is as emotional as Opeth's and sometimes even darker. No, Agalloch doesn't hold as high of a place in my heart as Opeth, but hey, they're getting close! Lots of potential. Can't wait for their next full-length release next year!

I just got "Of Stone, Wind and Pillor" two days ago in the mail, so it is a bit premature for a response, but I'll give one now anyways..

Those looking for a MCD filled with new material should certainly stay away from this one - but those of you who loved Pale Folklore will find this worthwhile. The most surprising aspect of this mCD is that it only has two proper 'metal' songs on it, and one of them is a cover song. Here's a run down of each individual song:

First 3 songs were recorded in 1998 for a 7" vinyl that was never released

1 - Of Stone, Wind and Pillor: This song sounds like it could have been off of Pale Folklore - definitely the closest in style. Great song with great moments, although the musicianship is amature at times.. it's still great.

2 - Foliorum Viridium: A short piano and synth piece similar to the one on Pale Folklore

3 - Haunting Birds: Track 2 fades into this one - which is an ambient acoustic guitar piece. Nice mood, but once again amature playing on some spots (out of time & out of tune at some spots..)

4 - Kneel to the Cross: A cover of Sol Invictus. I personally think this is definitely the strongest song on the MCD. Slow strumming, with acoustic and heavy guitars. Surprisingly there are great CLEAN VOCALS on this track, which will surely turn heads... I'd expect Agalloch to use them more on the up-coming album. Although this is a cover, it still has the Agalloch vibes.

5 - A Poem by Yeats: Another piano piece with synth recorded in 2000. It's mainly synth with some gothic vocals speaking a poem over it. A decent closer.

Well, there ya go. If you liked Agalloch previously, get this, if you didn't, don't. If you haven't heard Agalloch, get Pale Folklore first.