off topic - T3 review (spoiler free)

Well obviously the movie did what it was supposed to do. T3 and how T3 was received are really just examples of how truly underdeveloped, shallow, overaccepting, and closed minded the general public is. Anyone who's seen the first two movies and even halfway paid attention knows that the story was botched and pissed on by this horrible flaming nugget of a movie. Mostow screwed up. It's plain and simple. A stupid movie is made, it attracts stupid people, and stupid people buy into it.

Was I the only one that realized halfway through the movie that John Connor's whole plan to use explosives to blow up the computer system would never work since in this movie it's run through software and not from one main place. They're running around like idiots trying to get to this main headquarters place (I'm speaking of after they've already encountered her father) and all the while they're wasting their time. Then they come to that obvious realization that they couldn't have blown it up anyway since it's like a worldwide software program... conveniently in the last minute or so of action. Well it certainly took them long enough... And these people are supposed to lead the human race to victory?! That was beyond moronic. And why did Arnold have a different kind of powercell, in fact 2 of them, in this movie... which he conveniently uses in the climactic scene to save the day *wink, wink* if he's the same model T-101 as in the other movies?

Also, how come in a bunch of other scenes the terminatrix used her advanced arm as a weapon to blow things up and put arnold in a brief coma there in the beginning, yet at the end she just casually walks towards John and then just yanks at his leg like a chuckie-doll a minute later when Arnold's there. It's like they got to pick and choose when she was a brutal, effecient killing, machine and when she was a delicate femme. She's supposed to be so advanced beyond Arnold and in the beginning she kicks ass with ease and takes a rocket launcher blast to the face without a scratch... and then towards the end the two of them are battling it out like wwf wrestlers. Arnold's tossing her around like a ragdoll and I was just waiting for one of them to bust out a steel chair, although I guess the toilet was a nice touch considering the whole scene was ridiculous anyway.

People who liked this movie probably also liked XXX with Vin Diesel. They're both senseless, bumbling, hollow movies with plently of overdrawn fight scenes, poor dialogue and chases, coupled with poor plot development and ineffective stabs at drama. If you dig special effects and ridiculous action sequences and have a lack of critical thinking skills, then this is the movie for you. Yngvai hit the nail on the head, especially with most of his/her points on the first page. I was booing when Arnold spouted out talk to the hand and most of the other lame, forced-for-comedic-effect one liners. He was like a pathetic shell of his former self in this movie, something of a cartoony parody. Like that scene at the gas station where he pulls kate brewster out of the back of the van for about 3 seconds for no reason and then tosses her back in, allowing the clerk in the quicki-mart to see everything and dial the police, letting the terminatrix know where they were... wow, that was insanely idiotic behavior for an advanced machine programmed to protect them.

Man, I was shaking my head when I saw that and the rest of this cheese-fest. Honestly, at many times, it seemed like this new director was making a parody of the other two movies and deliberately trying to ruin their legacy. That's exactly what it felt like from beginning to end, with a few spots of goodness here and there. People in the theater were cracking up during the serious parts it was so bad; no joke. I wanted this movie to be good, I really did; it just wasn't unless you're simple-minded and like lots of explosions and neat special effects wrapped up in a ridiculously predictable, all-too convenient story that contradicts the other two. It's like the director saw what was good about the other ones, especially in regards to their action sequences, so he figured "if they loved those scenes, I'll just rehash them, make them twice as long, twice as big and with no regard for sincerity or the intelligent people in the audience who aren't wowed by computer effects and bright lights!" My friend Matt and I were amazed at how cartoony, slick, and dumbed down this movie was. It severely lacked the suspense, emotional drama, and mood that the first two had; anyone who says otherwise either has no taste or doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.

And what's this nonsense about it pulling everything together and wrapping it up? They just simply added in characters that weren't part of the story and changed things around where ever they wanted to in order to fit their warped, cartoony vision, regardless of what Cameron would've thought about it. Adding in a female lead for Connor, on such a grand scale as it playing a role in the future of human race, and talking about his kids playing a role in it was so lame and star wars-ish. "Oh remember, we made-out the day before he came back, it all makes sense now!" Give me a break. It seemed so thrown together compared to the first two and as Yngvai said, it screwed up Cameron's entire message, which was basically saying that we can help to stop future tragedies from happening and that things aren't set in stone. No fate but what we make... it couldn't be any clearer people! It was no illusion or trick message in the other two; this movie completely betrayed the intended vision of the series and if you can't see that you're an imbecile.