Old & Rare Farmakon + commentary

Windom Pearl

May 31, 2001
Tampere, Finland
Hello people.

Since it's taking ages with Syan (which has now shrunk to be three songs only), I decided to gather some rare or neverheard tracks from our archieves. You really gotta be a true fan to appreciate most of these, though. I'll comment each here, and if any of the gais want to add something, just go ahead.

Demo 2001

- The Prism
- Flavoured Numerology
- Stretching Into Me

Ok, this one will be here full version. It has not been online for ages, as far as I know. There was never a decent pressing of it, only CD-Rs. We printed 100 covers, and although the original cover art by Timo Vuorensola and Petri Yletyinen is lost and apparently destroyed, at least I still have about 10 covers left. Lee offered us the Elitist deal so incredibly quickly (12 hours after we uploaded the songs to mp3.com, I just checked this from the UM private messages), we didn't bother to sell these. Lazy cunts we were.

The demo was recorded by Pirkka Rännäli, who became our trusted man! The most memorable moment of the demo sessions for me was my first growl. I didn't really know if I can do it or not, cause the vocals had never been rehearsed. I had rehearsed home, found the sound, and had a hunch I'd probably nail it, but well... that's what they think in Idols. It could as well have sucked.

The Prism is the first Farmakon song, mostly composed by me on a kindergarten couch during my civil service. It was left out from the album because it kinda collapses into boredom when the acoustics hit in. The riff style is also a bit different from our subsequent efforts, although many of these are the best I've ever made. The acoustic during "she is the PRIMS" and The Deathy prog (03:35->) are my pet parts. For me this is an important song, which kind created me as a composer, and I've kinda always secretly hoped it would be included in our live set. Never was, goddamnit.

The other two songs pretty much resemble the A Warm Glimpse versions. The schitzo-ending of 'Numerology is far superior to its album version, and in Streching' you can hear the dorky low clean vocal verses, which were left out.

Homemade demos of 2002

During 2002 we had two separate large sessions, during which we demoed A Warm Glimpse songs. These were recorded and mixed by Lassi. We used his 8 track reel recorded, can you believe it? I mean what the fuck, a reel recorder in 2002?! That surely was exotic. I think these actually sound decent. I didn't bother to include all of them, only took the ones I wound interesting.

Mist 2002
The demo version includes pretty wicked high-pitch growl verses I didn't manage to reproduce ever again. Also all the clean vocals sound much better than on the album, which makes them.. decent. I wonder what went wrong.
During the 2:50-> prog part it's evident I had no idea what I was doing on the bass, and I don't think I ever came up with anything too clever to play in that part anyway. It's an odd part, originally the riffs of the part were supposed to sound something like Strapping Young Lad, but got at bit, say, Farmakonized.

Loosely of Amoebas 2002
Amoeba demo lacks most of the vocals, all that is there is onomatopoetic. The jazz part actually sounds much better this way. The chorus doesn't, because for some reason unknown to humanity I wanted to try out heavy falsetto. I believe you'll find this funny, in a very, very, very sad way.

Same 2002

This one has the verses growled all the way, and the just boring mumling instead of the weird scream part. I guess I tried to do some fake opera there, but all I did was fail opera.

Wallgarden 2002
Wallgayden actually sounds pretty much like how the album version turned out, and is mostly included here because of the then removed, weird, schalger part in around 3:00. We most like left it out, because it's a bit pretentious. Like "Let's put an odd Farmakon part in this song". It's awkward, but as a solo part, it's actually pretty cool.

Bonus track: Mist IT demo
Heh. At some point I tried demoing stuff with Impulse Tracker. (edit. since december 2012 the original .it-file is lost, so this is only the mp3 version). For this I had to dig up my old 486 and find a way to get the files out. I wasn't much of a tracker, and when the timing gets odd, I just could't do it right. This is a nice curiosity though, and it does sound like the song.

My Sanctuary In Solitude Promo 2002
The sweets last! At some point of the year Pirkka allowed us to record one song for free, cause he wanted to test his new equipment. Most likely he just wanted to make sure we'd choose him to record the album. This one song was to be done as good as we were able to make it, and then impress the people of Earache with it. Just to let them know they had made a good choice signing us. And damn, how it turned out!

Yes, the cleans are again a bit out of tune at places, and the growls could use some balls, but other than that this version of the song kicks an already sore butthole. It's in every way better that the album version. Riku used Pirkka's drums for this one, and just listed to the bassdrum. BOOM. Why didn't the album sound like this, huh? And why am I asking YOU?

Well, that's it, all you lovely people! Toni might have some additional stuff he'd like to share with you. In case he has, I'm also interested!

- Marko
I already got Demo 2001, but the rest of the stuff was extremely interesting as well! Thanks man!
Especially IT demo was cool, brought the times of Fast Tracker 2 to my mind :D
And yes, Amoebas' falsetto parts were hilarious :lol:
Say! Anyone here who got these and could maybe send that stuff to me so I could get the links running again? All the stuff got accidentally lost when we quit our farmakonband.com server. And while I could make new mp3's of the CD's, my old 486 is not starting anymore and thus it may be that the Mist IT demo could be forever lost.