omg omg! I may get to PLAY MUSIC WITH THE RAEL BAND!!


Nov 9, 2001
Hello Toby,
I'm Marc Fafard, the responsible of the shows during the seminar.* There
is no official musical Rael band, but every year there a lot of musician
who com to the seminar and perform on the stage during the show.* Three
year ago, there was a band performing on the first show, Rael decide to
play with them on the last show.* I was for us a great surprise!* Before
every show, we do audition, so you will have the chance to perform.* We
are very please to ear new performance and great music.* I hope that you
will have the previlege to play with our prophet, that could be amazing.*
But we will always let Rael decide if he want to play music with other
musician, this year...* I hope so !* But anyway, we will have beautifull
show this summer...* I wait to ear your music !!!
sorry for my bad english, (I'm french canadian) I hope I didn't make to
many spelling mistake...
Peace, love, fraternity
Marc Fafard
I wait to ear your music !!!

He spells it just like he would say it...classy.

Do you think that if you played with Rael that some extreme christian group would start protests of motw albums and performances due to your affiliation with the cult? That would make you tr00 metal.
at the meeting i went to i gave the 'guides' a CD and told them if they needed a soundtrack for any propaganda videos, they knew where to turn.

They smiled and nodded politely.