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Death Aflame

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Feb 1, 2004
I am thinking of starting a one man black metal project but I am not sure what sort of equipment I would need to record with decent quality on my home PC.

For drums I would also need a drum machine, vocals and guitar I need some sort of input into my pc (POD or Guitar Rig Program or something similar). I am not sure where to start since I am not that well versed in the technical side of recording music.
for guitars (and bass) you could use: POD, VAmp, Boss GT (and some others, but those are the most well known I'd say)

for drums either get a hardware drumcomputer or a software drum-machine.
for software, there are things like Battery, Drumkit from Hell and others. some are standalone-programms, other are VSTs that need to be run through a prog like Cubase for example
^ accurate stuff.

Cubase is a recording program for multiple tracks, it also does midi and other functions. It isn't the only option, but it is one of the better ones. If you want a simpler solution, there's Adobe Audition, and if you want the best, there's Logic, but only for Macs.

as for interfacing with your PC, there's Line6 Guitarport and/or PODxt (I think it has USB on it) as well as other options if you have a good enough soundcard to support them. Guitar Rig is very nice but requires very nice hardware to run fast enough to avoid latency (delay)
Hexer, your stuff sounds pretty good. I might look into getting a pod sometime in the near future or maybe just an M-audio box since I already have Guitar Rig software.

Edit: my friend has a Guitarport and it works well on his PC, its cheaper than a POD so I might look into that instead.
I actually didnt use a POD
its a Behringer VAmp Pro (some 160€ new) and I used the guitar-version of the VAmp for both guitars and bass (and I even use it for some vocal-effects).
it was recorded directly into the onboard soundcard of my notebook
Thidrek said:
yau can use the v-amp pro for both guitar and bass? that's fine. i'll check it out! did so only for guitar, yet.

its meant for guitar of course, but as you can hear on my recordings, it sounds pretty good for bass (I used the TubePreamp model). I even use it for some reverb and echo on vocals at band-rehearsals
Hey! I have a one-man project too so I'll help you out.

Check out THIS THREAD for drum machine details:

To record full songs you will also NEED a sequencing program. When I say NEED I mean it is an absolute must, unless you want the process of recording to songs to be a lot of work and extremely frustrating. These are the programs that allow you to record in separate tracks, add effects, plugins, make pitch,modulation and volume changes, create software/sampler instrument tracks(keyboards, drum machines, etc.) and tons more to make your final songs. You can search up sequencing programs on google and find some cheap affordable ones, but I'd personally recommend going for the better/professional programs. Sometime affordably acquiring these can raise questions about legality... I won't go into any more detail about that.