Opeth for me tomorrow and...

I'm the same guy as "InMyKingdomCold"...you must have seen posts by him somewhere!

Well, I've been at work today, ordered a Debit Card in my break whilst listening to "My Arms Your Hearse" in the staff room. Actually lunch was really funny today, because my friend Rich brought "Wages of Sin" in, and everytime someone came into the staff room, we'd say "you know this is a female vocalist", and they would say "your joking"? Ben couldn't get over it, he couldn't stop listening and then kept laughing laughing!

...you had to be there!

Oh yeah, Rich also eventually persuaded me to go to Arch Enemy with him, so we booked the ticket when we got home. He's also leant me his copied version of "Wages...".

Not a bad day!
well...i can't say my day was better than yours...i really did nothing today...i fell like a tramp
...thats, uh, very nice Pancakes!

I hope Opeth play "The moor"...what do you people reckon...are the chances high? I don't think they should play "White Cluster" *again*.