Opeth gigs in Portugal


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Feb 12, 2003
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Following review refers to the Porto show at Hard Club on the 12th of February.

Setlist as follows:

leper affinity
godhead's lament
the drapery falls
fair judgement

encore: demon of the fall

There´s something about that eerie distortion which preceeds leper affinity which will forever be lodged in a corner of my heart. I understand how pavlov's dogs felt every time they heard those chimes and started to drool in hunger... by now i had heard blackwater park so many times i always expected something mind-blowing to follow. Looking backwards...maybe i did start to drool.
And then they entered..calmly, and soothingly started a sonic assault which would last little over 90 minutes. Lepers affinity was somewhat...unchanged. It's my favourite song, and hell, they didnt skip a note or miss a beat, but i was impatient to see wether they had altered anything on it.
So it was a dodgy start...sounded great, but i was looking for something unique. They finished leper affinity and again, took their time. Akerfeldt stated laughing that Opeth where known for taking their time. Then kicked in Advent and my patience paid off.
As the set slowly unwinded, seeminglessly blending the mellower moments of credence and a fair judgement with loud crowd favourite deliverance, everything fit perfectly. I still think credence loses much of its beauty live, as it seems to lack the pace of he rest of the show. Maybe benighted or harvest would be more fitting, probably the latter as i'm sure it would definetly be a crowd pleaser.

After the typical applause, cheers, screaming and chanting (portuguese fans seem to be delighted at having finally found a band name they can all pronounce correctly) the band stepped onto the stage once more. ""You know what it means when i low tune my guitar? It means we're going to play death metal!" Akerfeldt exclaims...and the rest is history as far as im concerned.

Conclusion: yes it did rock...would you expect any less from opeth? wether it was a great concert by opeth standards or not.. well..i couldn't care less. Personally i find people arguing over concerts ultimately pathetic. What makes an experience great is a sense of belonging, and for one night opeth belonged to me.
Nice review Triad :D tomorrow I'll post the Lisbon review... if I don't die during the concert of course :p

Ps - Just got word that the Damnation Tour passes through Portugal... :eek: best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been to the Porto concert also and I must say it was a completely unforgetable one! I'm a recent Opeth fan, only have Deliverance and some sorted Mp3s but I can't wait to get all their albums! :D

Thumbs up for the sound crew, the instruments were very well balanced and, most of all, powerfull!! It was a perfect mix, at the beggining the bass was a bit lower so some details in Advent were kind of absent, but it ended up being corrected and sounding great! :headbang:

During the show Mikael said that they were very happy to finally come to Portugal and in the end he assured that they would be back for the damnation tour!! YEEEEEAAHHHH :devil:
I went to the OPETH concert last nite too and I just want to express everyone what I felt... IT WAS AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL... It's a shame they don't get the recognition they deserve here in Portugal, the place was actually full (more than I actually thought it would be) but still I think they deserved even MORE... they r wonderful musicians, very humble and nice people and they rock! Their music is a masterpiece!!One OPETH song is a trip to many places! I absolutely recommend everyone... specially Black Water Park... This was and will be one of the best fucking gigs of my life EVER... Thanx to Opeth and the freaks that did all their best to get them FINALLY in Portugal...
I saw them, and it was wonderfull and beautifull that I can't describe. No words for the gig
I want more!!!!

The only thing that I disliked was that they played the same songs like in the Oporto show and didn't played forest of october :( . But in the end that is so insignificant compared with the rest.Opeth rules..... :cool:
Lol Triad... ok here I am... this concert was the most orgasmic experience of my life... I won't say it was flawless but all the little mistakes just made the concert more personal... I was really stunned by Mendez performance... he was flawless and he's damned fast too... he's usually underrated but he ruled =) Mikael and Peter were great... as usual.. I didn't get to see much of Lopez cuz I was in the front row and Mikael was blocking my view... but everything sounded right. The setlist was the same as in Porto... they made us wait like 5 minutes for the encore... I shook my finger at Mikael saying they were naughty and he laughed at me :p The guys were very nice... The crowd chanted "Opeth" and Lopez followed it with a beat... everything was perfect :p. About Madder Mortem... they're not so bad.. I found them quite enjoyable despite their nu metalish guitar riffs. The vocal's voice is truly haunting though she messed up the last song badily...

Only one downside... after the gig we went outside the club and I started chatting with a friend and my gang went out of my sight for a few minutes... they were actually meeting the band and getting autographs and they didn't warn me that the band was there.... :( But no matter... best concert ever... sorry about the long post :p
The only thing that I disliked was that they played the same songs like in the Oporto show... - Onesolo
All Opeth gigs are having this setlist, they played it in the USA gigs (according to www.opeth.com) and as it seems it will be so until the end of this tour. I don't think of this as a bad thing at all, considering that Opeth's songs are very complex and long, performing might leave them really tired! So, I think it's easier for the band to give the fans a very good and tight performance of the songs if they get used to a routine! :)

For me it was a good thing to know the setlist in advance, I like going to concerts knowing the songs so I can fully enjoy the performance. As I told on the other post, I'm new to Opeth and only have Deliverance, that way I knew which songs I should download! :D

Of course it can be a negative thing if you really want them to play this one song and you know in advance that there is no chance for that to happen! :p

Either way, it's always a fantastic show! :D
I find it slightly disappointing. Especially for those who made sacrifices on going to lisbon/porto to catch an extra show. I would expect some changes. Still, you can't really go wrong with the songs they did play, or most songs they could have played as a matter of fact...
Dham i couldnt go ! i had an exam the next morning ... but i'm not shure about the pronunciation of the world "opeth" ... for me its either "oupeth" or "ópéth"
Yeah, I knew that it was the same set of musics for the whole tour, but still, everyone wants or expect some changes. I have a gig on mp3 from London in 2001 and the songs are the sames. They only differences were that they played forest of october and there weren't any songs from Deliverance (for obvious reasons).
And yes, the current set that they are playing contains maybe the best songs from them.